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Sammyriffic news for members of Sammy Rabbit’s Money School!

Attention sponsors and members, we are pleased to give you a “sneak peek” at the Sammy Rabbit Digital Products that will be included in our 2021 Member Benefit Discount Program!

Discounts will vary in range from 25 to 100%!!! Woohoo!

Let’s help kids develop the personal finance habits and skills they need to create more financial stability, security, freedom, wealth and wellness in their lives. Together, we can do it!

Stay tuned! More exciting news on Sammy Rabbit’s Money School coming soon!

  1. (1) December: Sammy and Santa’s Advice!
  2. (2) January: Saving is a Great Habit Coloring Book
  3. (3) February: It’s a Habit, Sammy Rabbit Read and Color Storybook
  4. (4) March: Sammy’s Big Dream Read and Color Storybook
  5. (5) April: Sammy’s Big Dream Read Deluxe Story Set
  6. (6) May: Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Journal
  7. (7) June: Sammy’s Saving Slogans Coloring Book
  8. (8) July: Sammy’s Saving Alphabet
  9. (9) August: Sammy Says Save
  10. (10) September: Sammy Says Earn
  11. (11) October: Sammy Says Spend Smart
  12. (12) November: Sammy Says Give Wisely
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