Feature Your Brand in Custom Special Edition Sammy Books

Feature your brand in custom special edition Sammy Rabbit books.

It is a fantastic way to give back, educate and share your message on the importance of early age, youth and family financial literacy with families, school, and the community.

This is what it looks like. See more of the benefits and pricing below.

It’s a Habit Sammy Rabbit Custom Special Editions

Here is an example of a custom special edition from the It’s a Habit, Sammy Rabbit Activity Book Series for kids ages 5 to 8; pre-kindergarten through grade 2 (beginning readers).

Custom Front Cover

Custom Message

Custom Back Cover

Sammy’s Big Dream Custom Special Editions

Here is an example of a custom special edition from the Sammy’s Big Dream Read and Color Activity Book series for kids ages 7 to 10; grades 2 to 4.

Custom Front Cover

Custom Message

Custom Back Cover

Sammy Says Custom Special Editions

Here is an example of a custom special edition from the Sammy Says Series of Activity Book for kids ages 3 to 6. The series includes the following titles and additional Activity Books.

Sammy Says Save | Sammy Says Earn | Sammy Says Spend Smart | Sammy Says Give Wisely

Sammy’s Saving Alphabet | Saving is a Great Habit!

Customer Front Cover

Customer Back Cover

Critical Distinctions

Here are a few features that distinguish Sammy Rabbit books.

(1) Sammy books stress “habit” formation. They emphasize making habits of successful financial behaviors emphasizing strategic language such as “Saving is a great habit!”

(2) They include activities in addition to the story to make it easier to engage children as well as to refresh and reinforce personal finance and money lessons.

(3) You can use Sammy books by themselves to teach lessons on money or you can use them to supplement other resources to reinforce significant concepts you want to reinforce.

And, you can supplement Sammy Rabbit books with Sammy music and co-branded digital resources to keep kids learning all year long.


Custom special edition begin at 100 units – $4.50 per unit, add shipping and sales tax if applicable.

For more information including discounts on higher volume orders contact Sammy! We love questions and suggestions as well. Let’s HOP ahead together!

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