Wisconsin. The Dream Read is Coming!

Wisconsin. Begin preparing. The Dream Big Read is coming to the Badger state THIS APRIL!

The Wisconsin Bankers FoundationMyMazuma.com, and their Wisconsin banking partners are proud to feature Sammy Rabbit’s Dream Big Education Initiative as part of their Reading Raises Interest campaign. 

The initiative and campaign aim to: 

  1. Help young kids build great money and reading habits
  2. Provide a strategic financial education resource – Sammy’s Big Dream –  to kids, classrooms and community agencies in Wisconsin
  3. Make it easier for parents, educators and community leaders to talk to and teach kids about money
  4. Raise awareness on the importance of early financial literacy and financial education.

Saving and reading are powerful habits. They transform lives. They teach discipline, delayed gratification, and goal setting. They build financial security and better position a person for opportunity and to make one’s dreams come true.

Leslie Girone leads a Dream Big Read

We believe great habits give all kids better futures. And, that is what we want – kids to have better and brighter futures.

Steps to Prepare for the Wisconsin Dream Read

  1. Download and review FREE Instructor’s Guide for Sammy’s Big Dream 
  2. Read How to Use Sammy’s Big Dream to Teach Kids About Money
  3. Review What Will Kids Learn (from Sammy’s Big Dream)
  4. Visit SammyRabbit.com and MyMazuma.com

Contact Information
Wisconsin Bankers Foundation & My Mazuma
Contacts: Mike Semmann
Email: msemmann@wisbank.com

Sammy Rabbit
Contact: Sam X Renick
Email: contact@sammyrabbit.com

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