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Making friends, sharing lessons, empowering lives and dreams through the lovable Sammy Rabbit

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Sammy's Dream Big Initiatives provide an array of simple and effective strategies anyone can execute to shape, educate and empower kids dreams, money habits, and life skills!

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Meet Sammy

Sammy is a friend everyone loves. He is smart and trustworthy. He embodies the ‘you can do it’ spirit. He believes great money habits make a difference. He believes it is important to dream and do big, one step at a time!

You can do it!

Sammy Rabbit

Sammy’s Mission and Goals

  • Educate and empower 1 million children by the end of 2020


  • Provide Financial Education Reading & Resources to 10,000 schools in 1,000 communities across the globe by end of 2020 starting with The Sammyriffic Set

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