Two Step Strategy to Impact

Have immediate impact. Build community connections. Share your story and get great exposure. Sammy makes it easy!
Step 01

Pilot test Sammy's Big Dream book set.
Lead a Dream Big Read Financial Education experience. It’s easy to do at home, in school, after school, at youth clubs, the office - anywhere. See the gallery below!

Step 02

Scale the strategy
Grow your impact. Lead or facilitate more Dream Big Reads.

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Benefits: Dream Big Read Aloud and Resources
  • Have immediate impact building and reinforcing financial literacy, reading and language skills
  • Fun; purpose-filled, easy to execute; time and cost efficient
  • Build community connections. Make it easier for parents and teachers to talk to kids about money.
  • Provide an opportunity to share your story and get great exposure.
  • You can grow them: their education and exposure-networking building impact.
  • Support Sammy advance the Dream Big vision and missions.
What Kids Will Learn!

Primary lessons kids will learn from the story:

  • To dream and do big, one step at a time. Entire story
  • Set goals and plan. Page 13
  • Develop the right money habits and make good choices like:
    • Work hard. Nothing’s free. Page 14
    • Earn money. Pages 9, 11, 14
    • Save money and make it a habit. Pages 10, 13, 28
    • Spend smart. Page 21
    • Give wisely. Page 24

Other lessons you can use the book set to teach or talk to kids about:

  • Wants and needs. Pages 3, 4
  • Think, set goals and plan. Page 5, 13
  • Have a positive “can do” attitude. Pages 6, 9, 10, 18
  • Overcome adversity. Page 6, 8, 11, 12, 15, 17, 20
  • Seek out the right advisors and friendships. Pages 6, 7, 12, 15. 16, 17
  • Stay focused. Be determined. Page 8, 13, 16, 18, 20, 21
  • Believe in yourself. Page 10
  • Be prepared for good or bad news. Page 11
  • Opportunity costs. Pages 14, 21, 24
  • Teamwork. Collaboration. Page 16
  • Do not give up easily. Page 18
  • Measure your progress. Page 22
  • Give wisely and share success. Pages 24, 25
  • Keep growing and challenging yourself. Page 28
  • Leadership and responsibility. Throughout the story
  • Use the coloring book to reinforce story messages.