Two Step Strategy to Impact

Use Sammy Rabbit resources to inspire kids’ dreams and get them excited about financial education!


It's Easy

Step 01

Pilot test Sammy’s Big Dream book set.
Have kids read and color the story. It’s easy to do at home, in school, after school, at youth clubs, the office - anywhere.

Step 02

When satisfied, scale the strategy.
Grow your impact! Give away more book sets. Lead more education experiences.

Sammy Rabbit

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Sammy's Big Dream Starter Kit


Starter Kit
  • 2 Sets of Sammy’s Big Dream Story & Activity Books. One for you. One to give away.
  • Instructor Guide
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Sammy's Big Dream Starter Kit


Trainer Kit
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Sammy's Big Dream Starter Kit


Classroom Kit
  • 25 Sets. Sammy’s Big Dream Story & Activity Books.
  • All the same benefits specified in $30 Starter Kit.
  • Perfect to test and give to a classroom or group of kids, including clients.

Ready to scale? See pricing table below to get started.


Why test Sammy and his big dream read strategy?

You want effective and easy to use resources and strategies to to talk to and teach kids about money that engage and excite them.

You want to take charge of shaping your kids and students money mindsets and place them on the path to financial freedom and security.

By enabling kids to have a Sammy Dream Big experience you are giving them the opportunity to:

  • Read. Draw. Write. Think and Do Activities about their dreams!
  • Discover and define their dreams and purpose
  • Learn about great money habits, goal setting, and more within the framework of shaping and defining their dreams:
    • How to set goals, plan, and manage their money, time, etc.
    • Build the habits and life skills that will help them:
      • become self sufficient and self confident
      • lead more purpose filled lives
      • be capable of making their dreams come true
      • create better and brighter futures for themselves and others!

You will be further contributing to addressing the global financial literacy crisis and doing it by addressing the challenge in the hearts and minds of children while they are still young before bad habits take deep root in their lives disabling their dreams and futures.

Our testing leads us to believe giving and enabling these experiences:

  • Has a positive impact on kids
  • There is a good chance by inspiring and teaching young kids it will also have a positive impact on their families and friends.
  • Are great stories for all of us to share with our networks and throughout our social media channels. See Sammy Spotlights and Blogs
  • Are an excellent method for deepening existing relationships and creating meaningful new ones
  • Are gratifying!

And that’s not all, there are more benefits!

What will kids learn?

Primary lessons kids will learn from the story:

  • To dream and do big, one step at a time. Entire story
  • Set goals and plan. Page 13
  • Develop the right money habits and make good choices like:
    • Work hard. Nothing’s free. Page 14
    • Earn money. Pages 9, 11, 14
    • Save money and make it a habit. Pages 10, 13, 28
    • Spend smart. Page 21
    • Give wisely. Page 24

Other lessons you can use the book set to teach or talk to kids about:

  • Wants and needs. Pages 3, 4
  • Think, set goals and plan. Page 5, 13
  • Have a positive “can do” attitude. Pages 6, 9, 10, 18
  • Overcome adversity. Page 6, 8, 11, 12, 15, 17, 20
  • Seek out the right advisors and friendships. Pages 6, 7, 12, 15. 16, 17
  • Stay focused. Be determined. Page 8, 13, 16, 18, 20, 21
  • Believe in yourself. Page 10
  • Be prepared for good or bad news. Page 11
  • Opportunity costs. Pages 14, 21, 24
  • Teamwork. Collaboration. Page 16
  • Do not give up easily. Page 18
  • Measure your progress. Page 22
  • Give wisely and share success. Pages 24, 25
  • Keep growing and challenging yourself. Page 28
  • Leadership and responsibility. Throughout the story
  • Use the coloring book to reinforce story messages.
What kids can do with the book set?

Story book:

  • Read the story
  • Predict Chapter Titles
  • Do 4 Activities
    • Take Dream Big Pledge
    • Identify, draw and write about one of their dreams
    • Summarize what they’ve learned and solve a hidden message
    • Set a savings goal to help them reach one of their dreams

Activity book:

  • Color the story
  • Read and color Sammy Sayings at the bottom of each page
  • Do 6 Bonus Activities
    • Color 4 pages and Sammy Sayings
    • Solve 2 hidden messages
How do I benefit?
  • Educate and empower kids on basic personal finance concepts. Build kids money and reading skills. Deepen connections with parents, teachers and community leaders. Address global youth financial literacy challenge
  • Materials bring your brand and messages into homes, classrooms and community agencies on repetitive basis
  • Garner media and social media attention. Drive traffic. Build social media following. Generate leads
  • Add a unique distinction to your financial education outreach
  • Strategy can be leveraged in multiple channels
  • Able to easily scale strategy
  • Low cost to implement and grow the strategy. Time efficient!
  • Inspire more dreams and money habits. Create a better future.
What do I do after I've ordered resources?
  • Pilot test Sammy’s Big Dream story & activity book set. Give them away and find out how kids and parents feel about them. Or use them and the Instructor Guide to lead an experience with a group of kids yourself. You will find more instructor tips and strategies in our Training Center.
  • Assess outcomes.
  • Decide how to scale strategy. Determine:
    • How many people or offices you want to participate: 25, 50, or more
    • How many story books to give away per reading: 10, 25, or more
  • Use your discount and order more Sammy resources
  • Promote events through social media. Sammy Rabbit will assist
  • Report on experiences through social media. Sammy Rabbit will assist
  • Evaluate results and plan next steps. Sammy Rabbit will assist
    • Expand readings and give aways
    • Launch a once a month or once a quarter year-long program that teaches kids ages 3 through 8 basic personal finance concepts leveraging Sammy Rabbit resources.
How do I scale the strategy?

Order more Sammy resources. See pricing below table below and contact us to get started!

Ready to Scale?

Order more Sammy resources. See pricing below

10,000+ units - $3.49 per set plus S&H
Custom edition includes PARTNER branding and message
5,000+ units - $2.49 per set plus S&H
Custom edition includes PARTNER branding and message
Under 5,000 units - See chart below
Partner may place sticker on books
Units Price
1 $8.99 per set + S&H
25 $6.99 per set + S&H
50 $6.49 per set + S&H
100 $5.49 per set + S&H
250 $4.99 per set + S&H
500 $4.49 per set + S&H
1,000 - 4,999 $3.99 per set + S&H
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