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Parent Guide: Start with a Secret Money Message!

Age Level
  • 5+
  • Habits ,
  • Saving ,
  • Choices ,
  • Compound Interest ,
  • Goals ,
  • Esteem
  • Listening ,
  • Thinking

Guide your child’s money learning. Help them build their money habits and skills. Set them up for a lifetime of sustained success. Solving puzzles with your kids is a great way to do all of the aforementioned.


  • Have child listen to Episode of Decode and Sing!

  • Have child do one or all of the episode activities linked below. 

  • Review and discuss Episode, secret money message and activities together. 

  • Have child begin creating their own Dream Big Journal. Have child deposit completed activities in their Journal.

Links to Activities

Next Step. Build the Savings Habit 

  • Begin or continue to build your child’s savings habit. 

  • Have child create their own personal home saving jar (“piggy bank”). If they already have one, perfect! AND/OR open a savings account for your child at a financial institution. Regardless of the amount, encourage, incentivize and direct them to “habitually” deposit a part of all the money they earn or receive. Celebrate deposits and the habit of saving.

  • Recommended Reading: Saving Money is Vital. 10 Reasons Why!

Continue to Grow and Compound Knowledge