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Virtual Financial Literacy Experience Engages & Educates Kids 6 to 16

by Team Sammy

"...Thank you everyone, our kids felt important and proud today. Unfortunately this does not happen as often as it should in their lives..."

Jacki Garcia, Flagler County Housing Authority

A Unique and Winning Approach to Financial Education

Virtual, interactive, author led Sammy Rabbit storytelling and financial education experiences have been a big hit with kids from 6 to 16.

The same was true Tuesday, July 25th, when Team Sammy collaborated with the Florida Prosperity Partnership on a one hour financial education experience for children at the Flagler County Housing Authority (FCHA).

It was revealed that FCHA was the winning agency of the Bright Minds Fresh Ideas Get in the Habit Sammy Rabbit Arts and Finance competition. Their contest entry was prepared by Qualeer Hough, Quamel Hough, and Ta’rious Smith who teamed together to write and illustrate their own Sammy Rabbit Story inspired by the book Sammy's Big Dream.

The special financial education experience was one of several prizes awarded to FCHA.

Below are highlights and visuals that capture the magic and impact of the inspiring educational experience. Soon you will be able to view event in its entirety on Spondulics TV!

Kids Eager to Discover the Answer

Sammy makes the big ask. He pleads with his parents to pay for his field trip to ride the world's first outer space roller coaster and make a big dream come true!

His brother Garbanzo says they should not do it.

Kids Agree

Sammy declares he can earn and save half the money or $150 to pay for his field trip.

Garbanzo does not think he can do it. But his sisters believe Sammy can do it. So do the kids in the listening audience at Flagler Housing Authority!

The Dream Turns Into a Nightmare

Kids curious to learn if Sammy can conquer challenges that may prevent him from making his big dream come true, including a haunting nightmare that has his brother telling him he will never be able to do it.

Can Sammy Make Good Money Choices?

Kids find out if Sammy is willing to make some difficult choices so he can save enough money to ride the world's first outer space roller coaster, like say no to spending on ice cream, candy, and baseball caps.

Kids Cheer

Sammy does it. His plans, goals, hard work, focused saving, and determination pay off.

Kids Enjoy Q&A

Following the reading session, the children were brimming with inquiries concerning money and what it is like being an author. The enthusiasm and eagerness displayed by them proved to be truly inspiring for everyone. This was especially noteworthy because children often hesitate to ask questions.

Schedule a Virtual Financial Education Experience

CONTACT US today if you have questions or would like to schedule a Sammy Rabbit, author led, virtual financial education experience.

Additionally, we welcome your questions, suggestions, thoughts about Sammy Rabbit and his mission to get kids, families & communities financially literate.

Your friends in early age, youth, and family financial literacy education for the last 20+ years and counting.

Have a Sammyriffic day!

About Florida Prosperity Partnership and Spondulics TV

Florida Prosperity Partnership, or the FPP Coalition is a 501(c)(3) non-profit of 4000+ partners and members in and beyond Florida who primarily serve low- and moderate-income individuals and households. 

The mission: Elevate Financial Capability for All!

Spondulics, an initiative of FPP Coalition, is the financial edutainment broadcasting platform that is free and accessible to all! It is similar to your favorite streaming platform, but cooler because it focuses on financial education. Spondulics combines financial education and entertainment in a unique and compelling way that allows our audience of all ages to learn while being entertained.

About Flagler County Housing Authority (FCHA), Florida

FCHA provides income based housing assistance and related programs.

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