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Use Sammy Rabbit's "Smart" Play Money to Rapidly Improve Kids Financial Literacy Skills!

by Team Sammy

What is Sammy Rabbit "Smart" Play Money

Sammy Rabbit 'Smart' Play Money consists of specially designed coins and bills, each featuring a unique Sammy saying that conveys essential money management wisdom!

For example, the coins and bills include Sammy money sayings like:

  • Saving is a great habit

  • From every dollar, save a dime

  • Don't spend more than you make!

12 Ways Parents and Teachers Can Use the Money to Build Kids Financial Literacy Skills

  1. Identifying Real Money. Parents and teachers can provide children with both real coins and the corresponding play money coins. They can then engage the child in a matching game where they have to match each play money coin to its real-life counterpart, helping them recognize the different denominations of real currency.

  2. Counting Practice: Parents and teachers can provide children with a variety of denominations of play money and ask them to count out specific amounts. For example, they might ask the child to count out $5 using different combinations of coins and bills.

  3. Discussion Prompts: Parents and teachers can use the Sammy sayings on the play money as discussion prompts to spark conversations about money management concepts like saving, spending wisely, and setting financial goals.

  4. Role-playing: Parents and teachers can encourage children to engage in imaginative play scenarios where they use the play money to simulate real-life financial transactions, such as buying groceries, paying bills, or saving for a goal.

  5. Budgeting Activities: Parents and teachers can provide children with a set amount of play money and ask them to budget for various expenses, teaching them the importance of planning and prioritizing spending.

  6. Reward System: Parents and teachers can use the play money as a reward system for completing chores or demonstrating good behavior, helping children understand the concept of earning money through work and responsibility.

  7. Math Exercises: Parents and teachers can incorporate the play money into math lessons to teach children about addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in a fun and practical way.

  8. Savings Goals: Parents and teachers can encourage children to set savings goals and track their progress using the play money, reinforcing the habit of saving for the future.

  9. Comparison Shopping: Parents and teachers can create scenarios where children compare prices and make purchasing decisions using the play money, teaching them about value and making informed choices.

  10. Entrepreneurship: Parents and teachers can encourage children to set up pretend businesses or lemonade stands where they can use the play money to manage finances, calculate profits, and understand basic business concepts.

  11. Charitable Giving: Parents and teachers can teach children about the importance of giving back by using the play money to simulate donations to charity or community causes.

  12. Financial Literacy Games: Parents and teachers can invent games and activities that incorporate the play money to make learning about money management engaging and interactive for children.

HEADS UP: Be sure to have children listen to Sammy Rabbit money music while doing activities with Sammy 'smart' play money. Sammy songs enrich any and every financial education experience!!!

Free Advance Templates of Sammy Money

Sammy Rabbit's "Smart" Play Money and its accompanying activities will soon be available in Sammy's Money School! However, if you would like FREE advance templates of Sammy Money to use with your children or students, please contact us. We are making them available to all Money School members, both free and premium.

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