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Shoot for the Stars and Miss with the Moon!

by Team Sammy

Sammy Rabbit

Sammy Rabbit "Dream Big" displays at Walnut Elementary School in Baldwin Park, CA


What exactly does shoot for the stars and miss with the moon mean? It means to dream really BIG!

Why? Because the rewards of learning how to shoot for the stars and miss with the moon will be out of this world! Working to solve big problems teaches us to plan. It requires us to focus. Collaboration and teamwork are usually integral to the process. Resourcefulness is required. And, one must learn to be resilient and overcome obstacles that can be arbitrary and totally unfair.

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “We must do that which we think we cannot!” I imagine most worthwhile things seem impossible and as far away as the stars to most people at first. However, if our past great thinkers, like Einstein, who talked about traveling on a beam of light, didn’t ever dream and think BIG, then our past great thinkers and achievers would may have ceased to exist. Their minds, thoughts, and accomplishments would have stayed small. Consequently, we wouldn’t have accomplished half the neat things we have today.

Ask really BIG questions and you’ll get really BIG answers that require us to stretch and grow ourselves!

Ask really BIG questions and you'll get really BIG answers that require us to stretch and grow ourselves! Ask really small questions and you'll get really small answers. Remember, the easiest way to get nothing and to be nothing-- is to do nothing! You must THINK BIG and take MASSIVE action – one step after another!!! This is what shooting for the stars and missing with the moon is all about.

The downside of this BIG thinking and shooting for the stars is you can fail. You may occasionally find yourself falling a little short and landing on the moon. The moon wasn’t your target; your dreams were much BIGGER. But if failing and landing on the moon helps you to grow and create an out-of-this-world performance, and that’s your definition of failure, then sign me up for a class on failure! I’ll do this failure thing all day long and fail my way to unimaginable success!

Now, to kids, teens, and young adults – go learn, lead, and lay the way to a better world for all of us through your larger-than-life dreams, behaviors, and accomplishments. Shoot for the stars and miss with the moon. And if you fall a little short, don’t worry; you’ll still be an inspiration and motivation to the rest of us. And thanks again in advance for all that you do, and all that you will do...

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