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Sesame Street Gives Special Thanks to Financial Education Experts!

by Team Sammy

Mission Accomplished

What a delight it was to contribute to Sesame Street's early age financial education initiative! We're grateful for their confidence and trust in our expertise. To have your knowledge, skills and expertise sought is a wonderful honor!

It started in November 2022. Sesame Street emailed. They shared they were looking to speak with experts in the field of financial education to refresh their existing financial education materials as well as create additional resources for families in need.

Fast forward to Fall 2023, mission accomplished!

Click any or all of the links below to view resources Team Sammy deposited contributions to:

  1. Financial Education for Families

  2. Sesame Street Session 1: Welcome

  3. How to Talk to Kids During Tough Financial times

Thinking Differently

We have always thought differently about financial literacy education. It's been a core ingredient in the sustained and growing success we have experienced since our inception.

Starting on day 1 in 2001 we have not only poured our effort and energy into youth and family financial education, we have prioritized early age financial literacy. This was far in advance of research and studies revealing adults money habits are set by age seven! 

Thinking differently about the challenge holds great significance for a number of compelling reasons. One of the biggest being that surrendering 6 to 10 years delaying the start of a young person's financial education until their teenage years results in a substantial reduction in a child's chances of achieving financial literacy, competence and capability.

Sammy Rabbit strongly believes that while we need financial literacy education at every level, to create systemic change, learning must begin prior to age seven. That is "prime impact time!" It is prime impact time for shaping kids money habits, attitudes, feelings and thinking. Choosing to consciously start the financial education process early gives parents and educators the best chance for setting children up for a lifetime of success with their personal finance choices. That is what we want. That is why we developed the Sammy Rabbit Money School, the Dream Big Financial Education strategy and songs like Get in the Habit!

Kudos Sesame Street

So major Sammy Rabbit kudos and "gold karats" to Sesame Street for "hopping" on board the early age financial education movement.

Sesame Street has long been a beacon of learning and childhood development. In a world where financial knowledge and competence are essential, it's heartwarming and vital to see iconic characters like Elmo and Cookie Monster teaching kids about saving, spending, and sharing.

Sesame Street's commitment to fostering educational, inclusive, and equitable programming is truly commendable. Their financial education initiative not only imparts fundamental money management skills but also encourages social and emotional development, teaching kids important lessons about cooperation, empathy, and sharing. It's a testament to the power of media and storytelling to shape young minds. Team Sammy is grateful for having had the chance to be part of a project that not only educates, inspires and transforms lives but also brings joy to children and families all over the world.

Congratulations Sesame Street! Here is to massive impact and growing the good. Let's get kids, families and communities financially literate!

Your friends in early age learning, youth and family financial literacy education!

Team #SammyRabbit

PS 1. Sammy Rabbit says: "Saying thank you is a great habit!"

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