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S-A-V-E Save Song

by Team Sammy


We hope S-A-V-E "save" brings you lots of joy, inspiration and motivation to make saving money a habit.

This toe-tapping, hand clapping gospel style tune is an invitation to everyone, young, old and in between to start saving money and building better tomorrows today.

The song has the power to transform lives. Here are two key phrase in the song that demonstrates what I mean:

S-A-V-E...make it a habit, make it automatic…

...Saving makes us strong...

Imagine the financial security, stability, freedom and strength created throughout a lifetime, if and when you get a child to automate and make a habit of saving money!

Saving money is the foundation for building sustained security and wealth.

Great financial habits, like regularly saving money, also establish the framework for better mental, emotional and physical wellness.

Listen to the song over and over with your kids and students. Teach and encourage them to save - to make it a habit - to make it automatic. Do it today!

3 Steps to Keep Kids Learning and Growing

To keep kids learning and building their money, reading, writing, listening and vocabulary skills – habits, take one or all of the following three steps.

… (1) Join Sammy Rabbit’s Online Money School.

… (2) Visit a Sammy Rabbit Partner site for free activities and resources.

… (3) Have kids do the free exercises below.

Step One – Keep Learning – Join Sammy Rabbit’s Online Money School

The Money School: Sing. Dance. Learn about personal finance…
And how to make your big dreams come true!

Money School Offers Unique Programs

Here are some of the unique programs the Money School offers that will keep kids learning and growing their money habits and skills.

Decode and Sing

Check out and watch Episode 2 of Decode and Sing for free.

All Star Reader Program

Check out and watch our All Star Readings like the one below. Special Guests from around the world join Sammy to read children’s story books that share one or more lessons on basic personal finance and money management concepts. It is a Sammyriffic way to learn about money and simultaneously build reading, writing, listening and critical thinking skills.

Join the Money Club and receive activities to go with each All Star Reading!

In this reading, Krista Cavalieri reads the Berenstain Bears, Dollars and Sense.

Build Your Own Dream Big Journal

The Dream Big Journal program gives kids the opportunity to exercises their imaginations, write, draw, think about and learn steps to make their dreams come true.

Join Sammy's Money School Today!

Mastery requires knowledge and practice. The Money School provides a large variety of activities to build kids money habits and skills all year long!

The School has launched with the 3 Programs above. They include 75 Activities and 12 Videos. We are adding content regularly that will include Live Events led by award winning children’s author Sam X Renick.

Learn more about the Money School HERE.

Enroll one child, class or school in the Money School. Do it today and receive a discount.

Acquiring personal finance habits and skills are essential to sustained success – PERIOD! They transform lives. They are the key to having more financial security, stability and independence – freedom.

Every membership helps us advance our learning programs and bring more financial literacy education to kids and families. Thank you!

Support Sammy's Mission to Empower Kids, Families & Their Futures!

Sammy Rabbit makes a strong and intentional effort to find the right mix of free and premium resources and services to execute his mission.

He wants quality financial literacy education available and accessible to children and families everywhere.

Your support makes that possible. We want to express our deepest thanks and gratitude to you for investing your time, talent and treasure in the dream, vision and mission! Thank you!

7-24 Online Learning. Transformational Growth.
Enroll 1 Child, Class or School Today!

Step Two - Keep Learning with Sammy Partners Who Offer Free Sammy Financial Literacy Education Resources

Sammy Rabbit has partnered with many wonderful enterprises and individuals all over the world to bring kids, families, schools and communities increased access to quality financial literacy resources.

This is being done in a variety of ways including our co-branded Learn with Sammy Dream Big Financial Education Resource Hubs.

The "turnkey" Hubs offer over 200 downloadable activities based on Sammy music and the story book Sammy's Big Dream!

Contact us to find a Sammy partner close to you OR to become a Sammy financial education partner. Prospective partners may also learn more about co-branded Resource Hubs by clicking this link.

Step Three - Keep Learning with Free Sammy ActivitiesImage

Key Words and Vocabulary

Use Sammy songs to teach and build kids personal finance vocabulary. Here are a few key words from the song “S-A-V-E and their definitions.


…keep, store up, hold onto for later, for the future…


…a behavior or choice we repeat regularly…

Take the Funny and Sunny Money Sentences Challenges for the word “Save”!

Take the Funny and Sunny Money Sentences Challenges for the word “Habit”!


One. Listen to Sammy Rabbit’s song S-A-V-E SAVE!

Two. Write down and answer the following questions:

Q1. Write your own definition of the word "save". (Note: You may want to read and review our definition of the word "save" above).

Q2. Have you made saving money a habit? Have you made it automatic?

Q3. How does saving make you feel?

Q4. Sammy Rabbit agrees with the lyrics in the song: "Saving makes me strong!" Do you agree with the lyrics? Write a few sentences about why you agree or disagree with these lyrics.

Sammy Rabbit agrees because making a habit of saving money has us better prepared for good and bad surprises. That makes Sammy feel strong. It makes him feel prepared and ready.

Q5. Sammy Rabbit believes getting in the habit of saving money builds up and protects our future. In other words, it helps us to make sure that tomorrow and next week and next month and next year and as we grow older and older - that those days - the days ahead - our future - are bright and filled with joy and sunshine. Do you agree with Sammy?

Q6. What are some of your favorite lyrics and phrases in the song?

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