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Money Lesson 7 Parents Should Teach Kids

by Team Sammy

Spend Smart

Parents, teach your kids to spend smart! It is a great money habit!

Impart the invaluable lesson of smart spending to your children from an early age. It will help them defend against the thousands upon thousands of spending messages that will bombard them from birth and distract them from their aspirations.

By teaching them to spend smart as well as to prioritize saving and investing, you equip them with the tools to navigate a consumer-driven society with confidence and resilience.

This early education lays the foundation for a lifetime of financial well-being, enabling them to achieve their dreams and goals while sidestepping the pitfalls of impulsive and unnecessary spending.

Spending Smart Means

Share with children these examples of what spending smart means.

  • Thinking before spending.

  • Spending less than one earns or receives.

  • Having a written budget. This includes planning, reviewing and tracking what we spend - where we want our money to go and where it actually goes.

  • Using a list.

  • Prioritizing wants and needs.

  • Comparing, contrasting and asking questions about purchases before spending.

  • Avoiding impulse spending.

  • Working out and building up their "waiting musicle." In other words, embracing and giving a hug to delayed gratification.

  • Minimizing debt (borrowing) and paying interest on it.

3 Outstanding Quotes and Sammyriffic Wisdom on Spending Smart

Share and discuss these quotes with your kids. Or do the same with some of your personal favorites.

(1) By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

― Benjamin Franklin

(2) It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.

― Eleanor Roosevelt

(3) A goal without a plan is just a wish.

― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Easy and Fun Steps to Teach Your Kids to Spend Smart

Parents, here are more teaching tips, activities, and exercises to encourage and get your kids in the habit of spending smart.

Teaching Tips and Activities

  • Listen to the Sammy Rabbit money songs: Don't Spend More Than You Make, Budget, Wants and Needs and Make Your Choices Count.

  • Read the lyrics to all of the above the songs.

  • Read the story Sammy's Big Dream. Review and discuss page 19. This page demonstrates Sammy Rabbit's decision not to spend money and save it instead so he could reach his savings goal and make his dream come true.

  • Follow up the story and songs using them as a catalyst for conversation and questions like: What are some things you can do to become a smart spender?

Activities and Exercises

  • Have kids complete the Activity Booklet for the song Don't Spend More Than You Make!

For more teaching tips refer to Sammy Rabbit's Beginning Money Habits Module and Lesson Plan for Parents on Spending Smart. Have fun!

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