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Malaysia Dream Big Financial Education Project

by Team Sammy

Malaysia Dream Big Financial Education Project

We are delighted to announce our collaboration with Eng MeeiYu, Robert Foo and the entire team at MyFP Services Sdn Bhd, ("iFPN") Malaysia!

The video above illustrates their Sammyriffic spirit for bringing more financial literacy education to children and families in Malaysia!

Step One

We have had lots of pre-project coordination meetings via Zoom!

Step Two

We established a co-branded MyFP Learn with Sammy Resource Hub to immediately make "7-24" financial education easily available to Malaysian families that features stories, songs, and activities that emphasize building great money habits, defining big dreams and starting the learning process at early ages!

Step Three

MyFP planned and executed a virtual "chat" with MyFP financial planners to introduce Sammy resources and begin raising awareness on the importance of early age and family financial literacy.

It also provided MyFP team members an opportunity to share their childhood money memories as well as share the lessons they have learned talking about money with clients and all those they serve.

Step Four

MyFP is planning its first Sammy dream big read and financial education experience and series of workshops for July. Woohoo!

Next Steps: Stay Tuned!

MyFP and Sammy Rabbit look forward to sharing next steps and results with you. Stay tuned! The "seeding" of big dreams and great money habits in Malayasia is just getting started!

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