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How to Lead a Dream Big Financial Education Read Experience

by Team Sammy

Summary: How to Lead a Dream Big Financial Education Read Experience

This short video demonstrates how to lead the basic Dream Big Financial Education Read Experience using the storybook Sammy's Big Dream!

You will find an outline of steps below.

You can add or delete steps at your discretion. The storybook and experience are perfect for 2nd, 3rd and 4th graders and on average takes approximately 30 minutes.

Have fun with a purpose. Be a source and force of joy and knowledge. Remember, Sammy says: "You can do it!"

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Outline of Steps

  • Introduction
    • Introduce yourself to kids
    • Introduce the story; Sammy's Big Dream
      • Ask students to raise their hand if they have a big dream
      • Share one of your dreams - perhaps a dream to go to and graduate from college
  • Read the story
  • Review key points of the story
    • Saving is a great habit (Have students repeat the phrase after you. Use hand signals)
    • Hard work, saving, planning, and goals pay off
    • Giving feels good
  • Discuss the story. Ask:
    • If they have a big dream
    • If they are willing to work hard and get in the habit of saving to help make their dream come true
  • Optional: Sing Along: Get in the Habit
  • Have students recite the Dream Big Pledge (It's in the back of the story book)
    • Take it two or three words at a time
    • Repeat after me... "I promise....

What Kids Will Learn

Three of the main lessons kids will learn from a Dream Financial Education experience are:

  • Dream and do big one step at a time!
  • Saving is a great habit!
  • Working hard pays off.

Read Aloud to Kids. It Pays Off

Reading aloud is a wonderful strategy to bond with kids and build their literacy skills. It promotes language and comprehension development. It provides a chance to travel to places and think about situations, experiences and language kids may not have been exposed to. Here are some more ways reading aloud to children pays off. Kids get an opportunity to:

  1. Improve their listening and communication skills
  2. Improve their vocabulary
  3. Increasing their attention span
  4. Strengthen their thinking skills
  5. Work on their oral presentation and feedback skills
  6. Create a positive association with books and reading

Sammy Spotlights and Partners

Read the inspiring stories of leaders who use Sammy resources to talk to and teach kids about great money habits and life skills.

Check out some of the partners we are collaborating with to execute and bring Dream Big Financial Education to kids, families, schools and communities.

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