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Is Financial Wellness a Priority for Your Enterprise?

by Team Sammy

Financial Wellness

Financial wellness has emerged as a pivotal issue.

Savvy leaders realize the signficant impact it has on individual and family well-being, employee productivity, engagement, job satisfaction, enterprise competitiveness, and the bottom line.

As a result, more organizations and financial service professionals are implementing and offering financial wellness programs to help individuals and employees achieve financial stability and security. These programs can range from financial education to access to financial counseling and planning services.

Visionary Leadership

But only visionary leadership teams include a component in plans to help parents, grandparents and other interested parties teach their children about money!

It is a missing piece in most plans.

Can you imagine a health wellness benefit that excludes coverage for children?

Thinking ahead. Imagining and inventing the future. These are hallmark characterstics trail blazing leadership. They create competitive advantages. They give enterprises the winning edge.

Inclusive Wellness Programs

Two of the primary benefits of financial wellness programs that are "inclusive" of financial literacy education for children are:

  1. it makes parenting easier

  2. It reduces stress by lessing the burden of parenting.

Stress decreases well-being, financial and otherwise. Impaired well-being can and does impact productivity.

Helping parents eliminate this risk can be an easy, cost-effective and morale-building fix that instills pride throughout an entire organization.

More Payoffs

Those are not the only benefits and potential payoffs.

Financial wellness programs that include financial literacy education for kids can help to:

  • attract and retain top talent.

It sends a clear signal to potential employees that the business is not only a leader, but that they are committed to the well-being of families.

This kind of leadership can also improve:

  • employee retention

  • engagement and

  • participation rates.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Quality enterprises and people understand, value and prioritize family, financial stability and security.

They take tangible actions to clearly establish and demonstrate their leadership and commitment.

By offering financial wellness programs that include a financial literacy education component for children organizations differentiate themselves. They set themselves apart so they stand out to top talent, clients, their community, and the media.

Let's Talk

IF "inclusive," family-centered financial wellness and/or early age family financial literacy are a priority for you or your enterprise, let's talk.

We have resources and strategies for every budget, including FREE - NO-COST plans!

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CONTACT US today with your questions, suggestions, thoughts or to learn more about Sammy Rabbit and his mission to get kids. famllies & communities financially literate.

Your friends in early age, youth and family financial literacy education for the last 20+ years and counting, Team Sammy!

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