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Frank Wilczek, Author, Physicist, Mathematician, Nobel Laureate: Ten “Keys to Reality”

by Team Sammy

Frank Wilczek, Author, Physicist, Mathematician, Nobel Laureate: Ten “Keys to Reality”

I discovered Frank Wilczek on a podcast. I was immediately attracted to the title of his new book: Ten Keys to Reality! From there, I did some homework on the book. Here is what I discovered from three reviews that grabbed my attention.

Publishers Weekly: Book Review

"... Wilczek manages to convey advanced physics without overtaxing lay readers with complexities and knotty concepts, and does so by sticking closely to lucid accounts of the experiments and calculations scientists perform to establish how the world works, and by using straightforward but evocative descriptions of natural phenomena..."

MIT News: Book Review by Jennifer Chu

"To understand ourselves and our place in the universe, “we should have humility but also self-respect,” the physicist writes in a new book."

"...Wilczek wrote the bulk of the book earlier this spring, in the midst of another tumultuous time, at the start of a global pandemic. His grandson had been born as Wilczek was laying out the structure for his book, and in the preface, the physicist writes that he watched as the baby began building up a model of the world, based on his observations and interactions with the environment, “with insatiable curiosity and few preconceptions.”

“There’s Plenty of Space,” he writes that, while the universe is vast, there is another scale of vastness in ourselves. To illustrate his point, he calculates that there are roughly 10 octillion atoms that make up the human body. That’s about 1 million times the number of stars in the visible universe. The multitudes within and beyond us are not contradictory, he says, but can be explained by the same set of physical rules.

Washington Post: Book Review by Marcia Bartusiak

"There is no calculus required; this is not Physics 101. Instead, Wilczek talks about modern physics and cosmology from a more broad-brush and philosophical perspective, often linking their findings to the real world — how they affect us. In this age of rising skepticism, he wants his readers — whom he imagines to be lawyers, doctors, artists, parents or simply curious people — to be “born again, in the way of science.”

Question and Connection to Financial Literacy Education

The Publisher's Weekly review cited above led me to this QUESTION and CONNECTION to financial literacy education:

WHAT model of the world, based on their observations and interactions with the environment, especially home environment, are you, I, we building for children?

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