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Do the Holiday Season Right with Sammy and Santa: A Journey of Joy, Giving, and Financial Wisdom!

by Team Sammy

A Holiday Heads Up!

Do you have a holiday plan in place? If not, it's time to take action.

Planning and preparation are essential ingredients for success. Irresistibly tasting cookies start with a recipe. A well constructed home begins with a blueprint. Without a proper plan and preparation, the likelihood of achieving one's desires significantly diminishes.

Having a holiday plan provides the best opportunity for you and your family to make the most of the season. It significantly increases your chances for creating a meaningful and memorable experience while preventing excessive debt and stress. Additionally, it allows you to impart essential life and money management lessons with children in a real-life context. These lessons will help equip and shield kids from the over-commercialization of Christmas and other faith-based celebrations. They are a timeless gift that will enrich and benefit them throughout their lives.

So set yourself and your family up for success. Have a holiday plan.

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Holiday greetings! We warmly invite you to embark on a festive journey with us through a series of upcoming holiday blogs. These blogs will offer tips and resources aimed at assisting families in maxing out the merriment and meaning this holiday season. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Start with a Song

To set the tone, take a listen to the song "Sammy and Santa's Advice!"

Then schedule a family listen followed by a hot chocolate fueled discussion. Ask everyone to share a thought about the song's main theme, "Do the holiday season right!"

What does it mean to do the holiday season right?

Make a list of some simple steps the family can take to do the holiday season right. Post the list somewhere visible for all to see, like perhaps the refrigerator.

NOTE: If you like the song Sammy and Santa's Advice, be sure to also take a peek at the children's Activity Book with same title!

Do the Holiday Season Right!

Use the song as a catalyst for conversation. It is loaded with lyrics on how to "do the holiday season right." Below are six insightful tips it offers.

  1. Be Merry - Spread Joy and Ho, Ho, Ho Everywhere You Go!: The jovial spirit of Santa isn't confined to gift-giving; it also involves being merry, cheerful and joyful, which doesn't have to come with a hefty price tag.

    Christmas is a wonderful time to have parents emphasize to kids the power of a positive attitude. The way we approach this festive season can influence not only our own experience but also those around us. Children can discover that maintaining a positive attitude, being grateful for what they have, and spreading kindness can create a compounding effect of joy, making the holidays truly magical. This lesson in attitude can go beyond the season and become a habit. It can be a gift to kids that keeps on giving throughout their lives.

    Conversation starter: Ask kids, how can the family spread "cheer - ho, ho, ho" without overspending or breaking the bank?

  2. Be Thankful: Gratitude goes hand in hand with financial wisdom. Parents can use this opportunity to teach their children about the value of what they have and how budgeting allows them to enjoy the holiday season without going into debt.

    Conversation starter: Ask kids, who and what are you thankful for and why? And/Or, ask kids, what possession do you value most and why? Another way of asking this question is, if you could pick just one special thing that you really, really love and can't imagine life without, what would it be? Could you tell me what it is and why you love it so much?

  3. Be Grateful: Beyond just saying "thank you," this book provides parents the opportunity to encourage kids to truly embrace gratitude and the importance of managing their resources. It also enables parents to share with children that being grateful means appreciating the gift of financial responsibility.

    Conversation starter: Ask kids, do you think saying "thank you" is a good habit? Why? And/Or, do you remember the last time you said thank you? Who did you say it to and why?

  4. Light Up Lives: Parents can teach kids that there are many ways to "light up lives" whether it is with a fun greeting like "ho, ho, ho," or singing a joy-filled song like jingle bells, or with a thoughtful gift like homemade cookies. By learning to brighten someone else's day children discover the deep sense of fulfillment that comes from making a positive difference in the lives of others.

    Conversation starter: Ask kids, how do you feel when someone lights up your life by giving you a gift or making you a treat you enjoy? And/Or, ask kids how do you think others feel when you do something nice for them? And/Or, ask kids how do you feel when you light up someone else's life you care for?

  5. Have a Written Holiday Giving List and #Budget: This activity book makes it easy for parents to introduce children to two essential money habits and life skills - planning and budgeting. The activity also fosters family togetherness as everyone can create and discuss their own written holiday giving list and budget.

    Conversation starter: Ask kids to share their giving list and budget. And/Or, ask kids for their thoughts on your giving list. And/Or, why do you think it's important to think about budgeting when we give gifts during the holidays?

  6. Give Wisely: In the spirit of holiday generosity and financial responsibility, children are able to learn the art of giving wisely. This means investing the time to make thoughtful and purposeful choices when sharing their resources to ensure their gifts have a meaningful impact on both the recipient and themselves.

    Conversation starter: Ask kids, what do you think it means to 'give wisely' during the holidays? And/Or, how can we make sure that the gifts we give bring joy to both the recipient and us? And/Or, why do you think it's important to consider the needs of others when we plan our holiday activities?

Here is to a merry, memorable, meaningful and debt free holiday season for all!

Sammy's Mission, Objective, and Aim

Sammy's mission and objective are to make it fun, easy, and effecitive for anyone to get kids growing their financially literacy levels at the earliest ages. That includes family members and communities too. Education empowers everyone!

Sammy's aim is to protect and equip kids with the knowledge and skills they need to:

  • defend themselves against hyper commericialization

  • avoid debt

  • predictably grow their financial security, freedom and futures, as well as

  • be capable of achieving their goals and turning their dreams into reality!

Support and Advance Sammy's Mission and Objective

Here are several ways to support and advance Sammy's mission:

One, introduce Sammy to others. Share this blog and/or website:

Two, enroll a child or a group of children in Sammy Rabbit's Money School. Memberships are available and accessible to all via free, low cost premium and sponsored membership plans. Explore options here!

Three, include Sammy and Santa's Advice Activity Book in your stocking stuffer and/or community outreach gift giving plans!

Four, request a set of FREE Sammy and Santa's Advice Activities. Invite others to do the same.


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