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Decode and Sing Episode 1: Get in the Habit

by Team Sammy

Watch and listen to Episode 1 of Decode and Sing. It features the song Get in the Habit!

Or, if you prefer, you can read the transcript of the show below.

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Episode Transcript

Sam: Hi Kids! I'm Sam, Sam the Money! And this is my friend "budgeting" Bobbi Olson. 

Bobbi: Hi Kids! Welcome to Episode #1 of Decode and Sing Sammy's Secret Money Message!  

Sam: Bobbi, Today's episode features the song Get in the Habit! Let's take a listen!

Get in the Habit: A clip of songs plays.

Bobbi: I love that song. It's catchy and has lots of powerful messages.

Sam: Me too, Bobbi! Kids. Sammy's secret message comes from the chorus of the song Get in the Habit!

Bobbi, Why don't we read the lyrics from the chorus out loud together?

Bobbi: As Sammy Rabbit says: Let's do it. Let's get
to it.

Sam: Everyone repeat out loud after us:

Get in the habit like Sammy Rabbit

Saving money, all the time

You can do it. Now, let's get to it

From every dollar, save a dime.

Bobbi: Kids. Somewhere in that chorus is Sammy's Secret Message.

Sam: That's a Sammyriffic clue Bobbi.

If you would Bobbi, please share a few of the activities kids can download and do, as a part of today's episode. 

Bobbi: Absolutely. 

First, kids can listen to the entire
song Get in the Habit! Parents can too.

Second, kids can download and use this activity
sheet to Decode Sammy's Secret Message. 

Third, kids can color this
episode's Secret Message and send it to a friend or family member.

Fourth, kids can Play Thumbs Up or Thumbs
Down. This is where kids get to be music critics. They write a short
review of today's featured song. They share if they liked the song or didn't
like the song. They can get specific and describe what they liked or didn't
like. And, they can also share what they learned from the song,

And fifth, can enter a drawing for a cash prize!

Sam: Kids you can find all the activities and
instructions for this episode by clicking the Link that says ACTIVITIES and INSTRUCTIONS!

Until our next episode and Secret Money Message, I'm Sam, Sam the Money Man!

Bobbi: And, I'm Bobbi Olson

Sam and Bobbi: Here's to a Sammyriffic day!