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Credit Union Road Map to Attracting Young Members

by Team Sammy

Let's Create Generations of Young Savers

Once you have thoroughly explored a territory, you are better able to create a road map to direct people where they want to go efficiently and effectively.

Credit unions who seek a more effective road map to attracting younger members are in the right place.

Team Sammy has a wealth of "first hand" experience in early age, youth and family financial literacy education.

It is the type of experience that reliably earns trust; garners recognition; win awards; and captures the attention and imaginations of children, parents, teachers, etc. Learn more below.

We've capitalized on this experience to develop a "head, heart and habit" approach like no other, when it comes to communicating core money principals and connecting with diverse audiences.

See for yourself right now. Listen to and read the lyrics to one or all of these Sammy Rabbit songs:

Music is a game changer. Music engages, adds energy, educates, elevates and empowers everyone! That is why we have already recorded over 20 original songs. And, we have a list and lyrics for over 100 more. When a strategy works, work it!

Contact Sammy to learn more and/or keep reading!

A Competitive Advantage

Music is not the only strategy or resource that will give credit unions and Sammy partners a competitive advantage attracting younger members to its audience.

Sammy's Dream Big storybook experience also sets apart education, marketing and outreach efforts. It builds money, goal-setting, reading and writing skills.

Sammy's Dream Big Journal and All Star Reading programs will do the same.

Drawings, challenges and contests with cash prizes add an extra element credit unions can share and promote to attract and retain members.

That is not all!

Sammy offers strategies to attract teens, college students, young adults, parents, teachers and community partners. They include community service projects for school credit, blogging for young people, resources, workshops, appearances, and more. Here are a few examples:

Here is something else Sammy does. Our resources prioritize and emphasize "habit" formation.

That begins with getting in the habit of saving money.

We do this in our storybooks, songs, activities and programs. And, we have done it from day one, 2001! It is organic, authentic, and a core Sammy Rabbit belief. Great habits do not discriminate. Great habits give everyone a better, brighter future!

Custom Solutions

Every Sammy credit union collaboration and partnership strategy is customized to your requirements.

Our resources can stand alone or supplement and enrich existing programs you have in place. You can use them to educate, reward, incent and inform current members and potential members of all ages. You can use them to earn media and community recognition as well as advance awareness online and in person. You can co-brand them!

As the world becomes increasingly complex, financial literacy has become an essential skill for everyone, especially young people. Unfortunately, many young people lack the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed financial decisions. And parents and teachers need help addressing the challenge.

This presents a GOLD KARAT opportunity for credit unions to "distinguish" themselves by excelling at what they do, serve members, communities and families.

If You Seek Younger Members, Contact Sammy!

If you are a credit union seeking to attract more young people and families to your membership, Contact Sammy.

Like you, we believe financial education is vital to children, families and communities building strong, sustainable and growing futures. That is what we want!

We are here to help. We are here to get kids, families and communities more financially literate! That will help them increase their family and financial stability, security, wealth and wellness. It will also prepare and position them to make more dreams come true.

Have a Sammyriffic day!

Leverage Sammy's Wealth of Experience

Team Sammy has over 20 years, "first hand" - "in the trenches" - in the classrooms, youth clubs, community events, conferences, etc., experience, delivering and designing award winning financial literacy education programs and resources.

Thus, we typically do not theorize on what might work, we just draw on our wealth of experience and do what works. That makes a difference to partners, parents, and most of all kids. And, it "saves" time and money.

We live and breathe early age, youth and family financial literacy education. We think deeply on it, which It is one of the primary reasons we do it differently and effectively.

We invite you to view our track record.

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