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What These 6 Teen Financial Literacy Leaders Are Doing Now

by Team Sammy


One of my many favorite Sammy Rabbit songs is "Show My Family the Way!" It is about the best kind of leadership; self-leadership, leading by example.

That is exactly why Team Sammy loves the young leaders highlighted below.

They are leading by example. They are executing their plans; going for their dreams; blazing a trail; shining a light and inspiring hope for all.

It is beyond incredible to see what they have achieved since we first met in 2020. That is when we put out a call to action to teenagers to talk and write about their thinking, feelings and attitudes about money.

They did that and more.

And yes, amazingly, most of the progress they have accomplished, has been smack dab in the face of Covid.

It is a testament to their character, grit, focus, hustle - work ethic, etc.

Here is what they are up to now and how they are making dreams - big dreams - come true!

Cameron Rufus

Today, Cameron Rufus, is:

  • a CFP®, Certified Financial Planner with Ritholtz Wealth Management

  • a graduate of Bowling Green State University

  • founder of Wealth Found Me

In 2020, Cameron authored the Sammy guest columns:

Cameron also:

  • Volunteered as a Sammy Rabbit All Star Reader Leader. He did a Sammyriffic job reading the storybook: You Can't Buy a Dinosaur with a Dime! View his reading HERE.

  • Participated in Sammy Teens Talk Money Discussion Panels 2 and 3

  • Was the featured guest on 8 Questions on Money with Sammy Rabbit

Connect with Cameron on LinkedIn: Cameron Rufus

Andy Niser

Today, Andy Niser, is a computer science major at Vanderbilt University. He is starting his second analytics and data science internship. This one is at Trane Technologies. His first one was with Burgundy Group Advertising.

In 2020, Andy:

Connect with Andy on LinkedIn: Andy Niser

Harsimran Kaur Chohan

Today, Harsimran Kaur Chohan is a student at SOAS University of London.

In 2021, Harsimran:

Connect with Harsimran on LinkedIn: Harsimran (Kaur) Chohan

Adi Desai

Adi Desai is now a student in The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania studying economics.

In 2020, Adi:

  • was featured in the Sammy Spotlight for his outstanding work as a Teen Entrepreneur, president and founder of the Economics Education Initiative at Livingston High School in New Jersey.

  • participated in Sammy Teens Talk Money Discussion Panel 1

Connect with Adi on LinkedIn: Adi Desai

Ella Gupta

Today, Ella Gupta is an incoming student at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. She is the author of Author of "Gen Z Money $ense." And, she is an intern at Greenlight.

In 2020, Ella:

Connect with Ella on LinkedIn: Ella Gupta

Sidhant "Sid" Srivastava

Today, Sidhant "Sid" Srivastava is a computer science major at the University of Pennsylvania!

In 2020, Sid:

In his LinkedIn profile Sid shares:

  • He earned 1st place in the MathWorks M3 challenge and was awarded a $22,500 scholarship for his efforts.

  • He was part of a team that was a finalist in the Wharton Investment Competition. They finished 12th of 553 teams from around the world.

Connect with Sid on LinkedIn: Sidhant Srivastava


Super duper Sammyriffic kudos and congratulations to all these outstanding young leaders!

We wish them growing and sustained success. They inspire "big time" confidence in the present and future.

We are honored to have collaborated with them and root for them in building purpose filled lives that create a better and brighter future for all.

Keep growing the good!

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Your friends in early age, youth and family financial literacy education for the last 20+ years and counting, Team Sammy! Have a Sammyriffic day!