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Brandon Burton

by Team Sammy

Brandon Burton: Financial Education Entrepreneur

Today, we are pleased to feature in the Sammy Spotlight – Brandon Burton!

Brandon is the founder of Securing Life, a financial technology platform creating change through education and financial wellness.

He began his journey as a financial services professional in 2007 with Northwestern Mutual where he excelled for seven years and achieved Top 1% Adviser status before founding Securing Life.

Brandon is a Marine Veteran and has a passion for helping others succeed.

Now, in his own words, Brandon Burton!

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I was about 8 when I realized my family circumstances were a little different than most of the other kids families.

My mother was a single parent, working several jobs to keep the lights on in our apartment. My Dad didn't believe in saving money, and my mother didn't know how to budget.

I watched my Mom struggle so much, that around 8 - 10 years old, I had developed an awareness of money coming in and money going out. It was this constant process, that seemed to never change, creating a loop in the way I thought about money.


I quickly learned that this money thing is extremely important for survival. I remember asking Mom, "Hey Mom! How much are our monthly expenses? How much do you bring in every month?" Can you imagine having this conversation with your Mother at that age?

It was at that moment, I realized, she didn't know what she was doing. I thought maybe she wasn't taught about money in school or by her parents. Maybe they did not understand how important saving money would be in the future.

Put a child on the path to financial literacy today!


At age 11, I started my first job selling newspapers. I wanted to help support my mom because we weren't making ends meet. It became clear to me budgeting your money was important even though I didn't even know what the word budgeting meant. I just knew our lives depended on this thing called money.

From that day on, my life radically changed! Unconsciously, I was learning everything possible about money and finances through our hardships. 


My dream as a child was to be able to get a good education. But the reality didn't look good. Basically, I had two choices. Either I get a scholarship or go into the military and serve our country. If I joined the military I would also have the opportunity to get an education. So that's what I did!


I served our country for four years. I was in Fallujah, Iraq in 06. Even in the military, there was not much in the way of education on finances. I continued to be surprised that no one really seemed to be teaching people how to survive, financially.


Upon exiting the military, I wanted to follow what became a passion to help people with this mystical thing called "Money".

So, in 2007, I went into the financial industry and spent 7 years with Northwestern Mutual. It was there, I saw the future and how finances would be fused together with technology to create a more accurate approach to finances for consumers. And, how the combination would provide financial advisors the ability to give more accurate advice.

That insight provided me the fire to start Securing Life in 201 - a digital financial education and planning platform.


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