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All Star Reader Linda Lipovetsky and son Yuval

by Team Sammy

Linda Lipovetsky, All Star Reader Leader

Linda Lipovetsky, financial services professional and son Yuval from New York, New York read Isabel's Car Wash as part of Sammy Rabbit’s New Special Guest All Star Reader Program!

Here is a short excerpt from Linda's Sammy Rabbit Childhood Money Memory interview. It will give you a feel for who she is and how / why financial literacy education is important to her.

My parents were/are very honest hardworking people – mom was a teacher and dad an engineer. We lived in a Long Island suburb and we lived a humble middle-class lifestyle. I was not privy to their financial struggles only learning later in life how tight things were during the recession in the 80s when dad lost his job and had a tough time finding another. Thank goodness mom had tenure with the city so we knew we’d be okay. Dad was always dedicated to family and again, as I learned later, he passed on higher level roles that would pay more but would also require 50% or more of travel time. He wasn’t willing to sacrifice his family, and my siblings and I have a lifetime of memories to enjoy because of that...

... I had a wake up call in my early twenties! I suddenly started having grown-up conversations with my peers and they were making all kinds of important financial decisions. Buying homes, travelling, and here I was spending my paycheck with nothing left at the end of the month. I didn’t understand what the stock market was or what to do, and retirement seemed so far away. I realized quickly I was behind the 8-ball and had to take control of myself – I didn’t want to be naïve or reliant on anyone to control my financial decisions when I did decide to settle down.

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Listen in to Linda and Yuval, mother and son, read Isabel's Car Wash.

Isabel learns to be an entrepreneur, earn money and discovers whether or not she can earn the trust of her friends.

It is an engaging, informative and inspiring story. Find out if Isabel is a capable and competent business person. Will she make good business decisions? Will she earn the trust of her friends and convert them into fellow investors? And if she does, will she make a profit or lose money?

Be sure to stay tuned to the very end of the reading to discover what All Star Reader Leader Linda Lipovetsky thinks are the most important lessons the story shares! They make for a great discussion!

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