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All Star Reader Leader Theresa Carpenter

by Team Sammy

All Star Reader Leader Theresa Carpenter

Theresa Carpenter, from Norfolk, Virginia reads the classic children's story book The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein as part of Sammy Rabbit’s New Special Guest All Star Reader Program!

Theresa Carpenter is a Naval Officer, a podcast host and a blogger.

Theresa has served the last 25 years in the military as a public relations professional.

She shares her blog is where she hones her love of sharing insights through storytelling. She and her husband run a YouTube channel that features DIY projects, their Boxer dog Jayda, travel adventures, and getting good deals.

Theresa loves seeing others succeed and advocates personal accountability and kindness towards humans and animals.

Carpenter invites everyone to ask her how she went from fixing airplanes to driving warships to finding her calling communicating for the Navy!

Discover more about, our all star reader leader, Theresa Carpenter.

Connect with her on LinkedIn: Theresa Carpenter.

…Once there was a tree. And she loved a little boy …

Join today’s featured story teller as she shares a lifelong journey and relationship between a tree and a boy. One is a giver. And, the other is a taker. One focuses on service and the other on things they "want." One is always happy and the other not so much.

The book and reading are excellent catalysts for conversation and questions. Is it always good to be giving? Is it good to always want and expect things, especially without making a contribution toward them?

Have your kids, students and learners listen in. And be sure to stay tuned to the very end to discover what All Star Reader Leader Theresa Carpenter thinks is the most important lesson the story shares! It too, makes for a great discussion!

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