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All Star Reader Leader Patty Covarrubias

by Team Sammy

All Star Reader Leader Patty Covarrubias

Patty Covarrubias, from Orange County, California reads The Hard-Times Jar by Ethel Footman Smothers as part of Sammy Rabbit’s New Special Guest All Star Reader Program!

Patty Covarrubias is the Director of Corporate Philanthropy, at the Children's Hospital in Orange County (CHOC). She is responsible for leading community outreach, communication efforts, and program development to identify, cultivate, and strengthen corporate partnerships. Patty also works in collaboration with CHOC’s leadership, physicians, operation teams, and development staff to build diversified revenue streams and create customized solicitation strategies that combine the objectives of the organization with the interests of donors. 

Patty received a Master of Arts degree in Communication Management from the USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Public Policy and Management from the USC Price School of Public Policy.  She resides in Orange County, CA with her husband and two children.

Discover more about, our all star reader leader, Patty Covarrubias. Connect with her on LinkedIn: Patty Covarrubias.

"... Pete has nickels, quarters, dimes - He'd like to buy a toy. If he can pay for what he wants, he'll be a happy boy…"

Join today’s featured story teller as she shares Emma Jean Turner's journey and dream to one day own "store bought" books. Emma loves to read, write and learn. But is money super tight in her home. This forces Emma to make due and be resourceful with what is available to her. It also inspires her to develop a plan that includes earning and saving money. Discover what surprising challenges Emma encounters and how she responds to them in this wonderful story about goals, determination and making difficult but good choices.

Have your kids, students and learners listen in. And be sure to stay tuned to the very end to discover what All Star Reader Leader Patty Covarrubias thinks is the most important lesson the story shares! It makes for a great discussion!

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