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All Star Reader Krista Cavalieri, CFP®, Mom of Three

by Team Sammy

All Star Reader Leader Krista Cavalieri

Krista Cavalieri, CFP®, mom of three from Columbus, Ohio reads the Berenstain Bears: Dollars and Sense by Stan and Jan Berenstain as part of Sammy Rabbit's New Special Guest All Star Reader Program!

Krista has authored several wonderful blogs for Sammy Rabbit dot com. Here is an excerpt from one of them that will give you a feel for how and why financial literacy education is important to her.

I grew up in a household and culture where talking about money was considered bad luck. This superstition had a profound effect on how I was raised in regards to money. My parents rarely talked about money, and when they did, it tended to be in negative terms, such as not having enough, or not being able to afford something. 

The lack of clear communication from my parents translated differently for my brother and me. I would save all the money I received for my birthday and holidays.

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Discover more about All Star Reader Leader, the awe-inspiring Krista Cavalieri. Connect with her on LinkedIn: Krista Cavalieri

Listen in to Krista Cavalieri read Dollars and Sense. Have your kids, students and learners listen in too.

Follow the cubs as they learn to manage their money and develop great money habits.

Brother and Sister Bear ("the cubs") know some things about money, but they still have a lot more to learn if they are going to become smart savers, spenders and money managers.

The story is rich in money language. It introduces a variety of personal finance concepts including managing, saving, spending, allowance, checks, record keeping and account balances.

Be sure to stay tuned to the very end to discover what All Star Reader Leader Krista Cavalieri thinks are the most important lessons the story shares! They make for a great post read discussion!

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