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7 Paul Merriman Articles and a New Book You Will Love!

by Team Sammy

Paul Merriman, Founder, Author, Educator at The Merriman Financial Education Foundation

We are pleased to feature Paul Merriman in Sammy's Spotlight!

There is a truckload to know about Paul. Perhaps the most important is he is a relentlessly enthusiastic educator.

Paul eats, breathes, champions, talks about, writes about, videos about, webinars about, interviews about strategies that can benefit anyone and everyone who want to build financial freedom, stability, and security.

He has been "doing it" for more than 5 decades. And, he is still "doing it!"

Paul's mantra: "Sound investing for every stage of life!"

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Sammy's Favorite Columns By Paul

Seven of my personal favorite columns written by Paul are titled:

(1) How time can turn $3,000 into $50 million

(2) Make your kids rich for a $1 a day!

(3) 500-year plan for children, grandchildren and the world

(4) Saving for Kids: Investing for your children's future — what you should know

(5) 12 good investing lessons to teach kids — and yourself

(6) Five Difficult Financial Conversations Kids Will Make You Have

(7) Financial Parenting and “Good Enough” Practices

I love, love citing, posting and sharing these columns. They are jam packed with time-tested "wealth wisdom."

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Paul's New Book

I am delighted to share Paul has a new book. It is titled:

“We’re Talking Millions!  12 Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Retirement.”

The review have been exemplary. Here is what Rob Berger, Founding Editor, Forbes Advisor shared:

"This book is a must-read for anybody wanting to take control of their finances and build wealth the smart way. Paul and Richard take sophisticated concepts and boil them down into easy to understand and follow steps. I just wish they had written the book 30 years ago!

Attention: Teachers and Students - Get the Book for FREE!

Teacher and students go to this LINK and you will immediately receive a free pdf of Paul's book. Woohoo! 

Discover more about Paul Merriman, his vision and mission.

Visit his website:

Here are 3 fun and interesting facts about retirement and seniors! Did you know?

(1) Retirement could last longer than you think. The average American will retire at age 66 and live until nearly 79. However, for many, retirement will last much longer than 13 years. Source: Investopedia

(2) Older people value older workers. Baby boomers think that workers ages 50 and older contribute more to the workplace than younger generations in a range of categories. For example, 51% of baby boomers think that older workers are more adept at solving problems, while only 22% of millennials think the same of boomers. Source: Yahoo News

(3) Social Security is only designed to replace 40% of your income. According to the Social Security Administration, just $4 out of every $10 of the average American worker’s pre-retirement salary will be replaced by Social Security retirement benefits. Since the Social Security formula is rather top-heavy, this percentage can be expected to be even lower for higher-income workers. Experts generally suggest that it takes about 80% of your pre-retirement income to sustain your lifestyle, so the rest needs to come from other sources. Source: Motley Fool

(4) It's a smart idea to talk to your parents (and grandparents) about their finances. According to personal finance author and columnist, Cameron Huddleston, this is an excellent idea if you want to avoid significant problems if your parents or grandparents encounter serious health issues in retirement that render them unable to mange their own finances. Read more in our interview with Cameron.

(5) If you want to be happy in retirement, hone your purpose. This advice comes from AARP in a column written by John Waggoner. John shares: "If you want to be happy in retirement, you need to feel like you have a reason for being, aside from playing golf or reading novels."

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