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2020 the Vision, Mission, Ask!

by Team Sammy

2020 Vision

The Mission and Vision 

In 2020 Sammy Rabbit seeks to make the world more Sammyriffic for kids and families. He plans to do this through collaboration and bringing his Dream Big Financial Literacy Education strategy to 1 million children around the globe!

Sammy believes shaping the money mindsets and habits of 1 million children provides the possibility to transform a generation and change the world.

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The Ask 

BE PART of the collaboration network that inspires 1 million kids to dream big and teaches them great money habits in 2020. 

Collaborate with Sammy on 1 Dream Big project, big or small. Adopt and sponsor a class, community, school or state. DO IT today! See Sammy’s Collaboration Menu.

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The Strategy

The strategy is simple: Build on and scale 2019 results. The keys to success in 2019: 

  1. Collaboration
  2. Developing easy to execute resources and strategies that are effective, cost and time efficient.

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The objectives are:

  • Help 1 million kids discover their dreams and lead more purpose-filled lives.
  • Make it easy for anyone to teach kids while they are young about great money habits, so kids, families, and communities experience more financial freedom and wellness. 
  • Transform the money mindsets and habits of a generation of children and change the world!

New Sammy Resources  

In 2020 Sammy will introduce and incorporate the following new resources into his Dream Big Financial Literacy Education strategy to further inspire kids dreams and teach them great money habits: 

  1. Sammy’s Big Dream – eBook
  2. The Dream Big Courses on Great Money Habits
  3. The Dream Big Journal and more!

Check out Sammy’s new Dream Big resources and path to financial literacy. It is financial education at its funnest and best. They are perfect for kids ages 7+. 

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The Big Question  

THE BIG QUESTION IS NOT does financial literacy education work. It does. I know from personal experience; having interviewed hundreds of people; and having delivered financial education programs to thousands of children.

THE BIG QUESTION IS whether or not we have the will to prioritize it, implement it and access it on every level continuously:

  • in homes
  • in classrooms
  • in community & government organizations
  • on phones, websites, TV
  • at events…

That is how education works. That is how skill is achieved. That is how habits are formed and reversed.

Here is What Research Reveals

RESEARCH reveals what common sense indicates - financial literacy is a global problem. 

Talking to and teaching kids about money when they are young; when it matters most; is not easy for anyone.

Research also reveals Sammy’s solution - to emphasize habit formation and incorporate features that address feelings as well as thinking - is on point!

  • AFCPE: … Much of one’s beliefs, habits, and behaviors are shaped by family and other important role models…
  • World Economic Form: …Children develop their saving and spending habits by the age of 5…
  • Money Advisory Service: …Adult money habits are set by the age of 7…

About Sammy's Magic

Sammy has a unique “head, heart and hug” approach to financial literacy education. It has been tested and proven effective repeatedly since 2001.   

 The strategy and resources:

  1. Target kids while they are young, when it matters most in the learning cycle
  2. Emphasize “habit formation.” It has since day 1 with stories like It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit, Sammy's Big Dream; and songs like Get in the Habit and S-A-V-E! 
  3. Are easy to execute - anywhere: in homes; in cars; in classrooms; in youth clubs; at events; on phones, tablets and computers
  4. Are time and cost efficient. 
  5. Loaded with benefits for everyone. 

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Experience the Magic 
Experience Sammy's magic. Listen to kids sing Get in the Habit!