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Case Study: Wisconsin Bankers Association Collaboration

by Team Sammy

The Wisconsin Bankers Association - Foundation and Sammy Rabbit are collaborating for a second straight year on a statewide, reading based financial education initiative that provides children, families and schools with financial literacy resources and experiences throughout the state.

The collaboration's aim is to get young kids on the roads to financial freedom, security and independence.

2021 - YEAR 3

FREE Digital Financial Education Resources Compliments of Wisconsin Bankers Foundation!

2020 - YEAR 2

Reading Raises Interest – Teach Children to Save Initiatives feature It’s A Habit Sammy Rabbit!

"We're so proud to be part of this effort! Thanks so much to everyone who is helping teach and promote financial literacy! Great work everyone!

Michael Semmann Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Wisconsin Bankers Association

Virtual reading by Amy Kauper, VP of Retail Banking at Port Washington State Bank, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Local Media

Steven Point News: "...This year, Prevail Bank used the children's book, "It's a Habit, Sammy Rabbit" to put together videos, tips, supporting materials, and exercises for children to use online at any time of the day..." Stacy Retterah, Marketing Officer, Prevail Bank

2019 - YEAR 1

Reading Raises Interest – Teach Children to Save – Dream Big Read Initiatives feature Sammy's Big Dream!

Kickoff Announcement Banner

Wisconsin banker reads to classroom

Wisconsin Banker magazine article

Read More. See Wisconsin Banker - Page 25

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Featured In the Sammy Spotlight Interview

Sam X Renick: What is the most important money habit you learned as a child? Please share the story behind how you learned the habit and what impact it has had on you throughout your life.

Michael Semmann: Pay yourself first.

My grandparents told me stories of how they got through the Great Depression living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. From that, hey shared how important it was to make good decisions because resources were so scarce.

Both sets of my grandparents were married in the early 1930s. And, all their friends were in the same situation. It was fun to hear about how they all got together to sing songs and play games for entertainment.

They introduced me to the concept of saving first, so you feel empowered when you make decisions about your money. It was interesting to me, because they also valued giving back to their community. They always found a way to do both. I learned those two concepts are not mutually exclusive." Keep Reading

Collaboration Earns Media Attention

"There are so many great people teaching financial literacy and so many great resources, it became clear our job was to amplify those people and resources to create a community of learners. We want consumers to be able to have access to those resources and be able to easily answer their money questions..." Read More

Summary of 2019 Impact

“In Wisconsin, our 400-plus volunteer bankers reached over 12,000 kids with Sammy Rabbit’s message that saving is a great habit," said Amber Seitz, Operations and Financial Education Manager, Wisconsin Bankers Association and Foundation. "The book received rave reviews from the students and bankers alike, making for a wonderful experience for everyone!”
Stephenson National Bank & Trust

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