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Sammy Rabbit

Sammy is a “head, heart and hug” solution to financial literacy and great life habits!

When it comes to personal finance there is no question critical thinking and math matter. So do attitudes and feelings. And that is one of many unique edges Sammy provides kids and families: he connects with them on many levels.

Sammy is a friend everyone loves. He is warm, smart and trustworthy. He believes the right habits make a difference, including money habits. He makes it easy for anyone to talk to and teach kids about money with his head, heart, and hug approach to education. That is HIS MAGIC and one of his SUPERPOWERS. It’s what makes him an effective solution to a difficult challenge.

Sammy Rabbit makes it easy for anyone to talk to and teach children about money, starting with kids as young as three.

Our strategic "Head - Heart - Hug" approach to early age and family financial literacy is like no other!

It has been developed over the last 20 years from "first-hand experiences" working with kids, parents, teachers, and community leaders in classrooms, youth clubs, and community events all around the world.

The video above showcases our core values and identity, capturing the lively Sammyriffic spirit that permeates everything we do. We invite you to take a look!

Sammy Believes

Sammy believes in and recognizes the importance of equipping parents, teachers, and community leaders with simple yet effective instructions and strategies that actively engage and educate children on valuable financial habits and skills. By providing such resources, children can develop the money habits and skills they need to create the futures they want.

We believe between birth and age eight is the place to start "consciously" teaching kids about money. We think it is the most crucial and influential point in the development and education process.

That is when parents want to take charge of shaping children's money habits, attitudes and feelings. Because, regardless of whether parents consciously take charge of the process, kids are going to learn about money during this time period. Their money habits, attitudes and feelings are going to be shaped. It is unavoidable. It is only a question of who is going to be the primary "conscious" influencer of those traits.

The good news with Sammy Rabbit is the process can be fun and rewarding for everyone.

Sammy Rabbit Priorities

Sammy Rabbit resources, programs and awareness campaigns prioritize:

  1. "habit formation"

  2. starting kids financial education when they are young, between the ages of 3 and 8

  3. using a multi-sensory methodology to teaching that includes stories, songs, activities, games, contests, etc.

  4. encouraging and teaching kids to dream and do big one step at a time

  5. developing wealth, security and responsible giving mindsets, attitudes, feelings, thinking and language.

  6. building multiple strategic life-skills simultaneously such as reading, writing, listening, goal setting and planning skills.

So, let's do it. Let's get to it. Let's invest the time, effort and energy into getting kids financially literate so they systematically, step by step, become better prepared and positioned to create a brighter future for all and so they become more capable of turning their dreams into reality! 

“Great habits give all kids a better and brighter future!”

-Sammy Rabbit