Wants and Needs Song


We hope Sammy Rabbit’s Wants and Needs song makes it fun and easy for you to talk to and teach kids about money, priorities and choices!

As the song shares, it pays to know the difference between what we want and what we need. Understanding and executing on that difference daily can make an enormous difference in the level of financial security, stability and freedom a child achieves.

Enjoy the song. Use it to talk to and teach kids about great money habits. Help them to learn the language and basic principles of personal finance. Below, find key words (ie. vocabulary) and a few action steps for the song. Let’s end financial illiteracy one song and financial education experience at a time!


Here are a couple key words and their definitions to help the kids in your life better understand the song!


…items or things we wish for, desire or crave…items or things we would like to have but do not need…


…items or things we must have or are required to live…


…how items or things are unalike or not the same…


Here a few actions to have kids take today to begin or advance their financial literacy education. Have kids:

One. Listen to Sammy Rabbit’s song Wants and Needs!

Two. Answer the following questions:

Q1. Read and review the definition of the words “wants,” “needs” and “difference”. Write your own definition for the words wants, needs, and difference.

Q2. The song lyrics share wants and needs are two different things? Write about the differences between wants and needs?

Q3. What do you think the lyrics mean when they share: it pays to know the difference between what we want and what we need? Talk to your parents or a teacher if you need some help. Or write Sammy Rabbit! He is always happy to help kids learn more about money!

Start saving money. Make it a habit!

Q4. According to the song, is entertainment a want or a need? Explain your answer.

Q5. According to the song, is education a want or a need? Explain your answer.

Q6. What are some of your favorite lyrics and phrases in the song?

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