Don’t Spend More Than You Make Song


We hope Sammy Rabbit’s Don’t Spend More Than You Make song makes it fun and easy for you to talk to and teach kids about the wise use of money and the importance of making a habit of spending less than you earn or receive.

Learning to live below ones means – spending less than one makes – regularly, habitually, is a key ingredient to steadily advancing ones financial security, stability, freedom and wellness.


Here are a couple key words and their definitions to help you better understand the song!


…use and pay out money in exchange for a good or service; use money to buy or purchase an item …


…money you earn or get paid for doing a job or service…

The song Don’t Spend More Than You Make is Featured in Decode and Sing Episode 4!


One. Listen to Sammy Rabbit’s song Don’t Spend More Than You Make!

Two. Write down and answer the following questions:

Q1. Read and review the definition of the word “spend”. Write your own definition of the word spend.

Q2. According to the song, if you spend more than you make, what are you making?

Q3. According to the song lyrics, what is one thing it takes in order not to spend more than you make?

Q4. True or False – spending less than you earn is another way to say don’t spend more than you make?

Q5. Agree or Disagree – if you make a habit of spending less than you make, it is one sign you are spending smart?

Q6. What are some of your favorite lyrics and phrases in the song?

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