Big Ol’ Dream Song


We hope Sammy Rabbit’s Big Ol’ Dream song makes it fun and easy for you to inspire kids to think about, read about, write about and declare their dreams – big dreams and then go after them, one step at a time!

Dreams can be powerful in shaping habits and behaviors. They can bring more purpose to our lives and help us use our time more wisely. They can help us discover who we are and what we are capable of accomplishing.


Here are a few key words and their definitions to help you better understand the song!


…something a person imagines, pictures and thinks about accomplishing…


…fill someone with a feeling that they can do something…


…to get ready, train, or practice to do something…

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One. Listen to Sammy Rabbit’s song Big Ol’ Dream!

Two. Write down and answer the following questions:

Q1. Read and review the definition of the word “dream”. Write your own definition of the word dream.

Q2. What do you think it is important to dream big?

Q3. Look up the definition of the word “entrepreneur” and write it down. Now do a little more research and see if you can determine what the phrase “entrepreneur spirit” or “entrepreneurial spirit” means. Ask your parents or teachers what they think. Write a few sentences about how having an entrepreneurs spirit can help you are anyone.

Q4. Sammy Rabbit thinks big dreams are inspiring. What do you think? Do you agree with Sammy? Write a few sentences sharing your thinking and answer.

Q5. Do you have a big dream? Maybe it is an education dream or money dream or a travel dream or a career dream. Write a few sentences about one of your big dreams and a few action steps on how you might make it come true.

Q6. What are some of your favorite lyrics and phrases in the song? One of Sammy’s favorite phrases in the song is: Everything I need is here inside of me to turn this big ol’ dream into reality.

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