3 Challenges Sammy Overcame to Make His Big Dream Come True


“How do you navigate the chaos of a storm? In this life you can bet there will be storms and downturns and dense jungles to challenge you.”
―Thom Shea, Author, Three Simple Things

What were three of the challenges and obstacles Sammy Rabbit overcame to achieve his big dream – riding the world’s first outer space roller coaster?


He overcame his brother Garbanzo’s laughter, doubts and teasing.

Sammy: Guess who is going to ride the world’s first space coaster? I just need permission to go and three-hundred dollars.

Garbanzo: Not a chance laughed Garbanzo. Mama and Papa will never give you permission and three hundred dollars.

Surprisingly or not, it is a family member who presents challenges and a barrier to achieving our dreams and goals.

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He overcame the adversity of discovering he had to work and save half the money to go on the trip while some of his friends parents just gave them the money.

One of the challenges common to all of us is, life is just not fair.

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He overcame and worked through feelings of wanting to give up and quit. He discovered reaching a goal and making dreams come true is not easy. It requires making difficult choices and sacrifices like sometimes not playing with your friends. And other times, not spending money on things you may want like ice cream, candy and baseball caps.


What challenges and obstacles are you willing to overcome to make your big dreams come true?

A question my father use to ask me regularly was:

Sam are you willing to pay the price to get what you want?

Discover more on what my father taught me in: Dad Was a Sammyriffic Money Mentor


Here are two of ten reasons, I think and strongly believe making a habit of saving money is vital for children and their future success:

One: it teaches kids o delay and schedule gratification.

Two: it builds kids discipline and confidence.

Discover more reasons in my column: Saving Money is Vital! 10 Reasons Why


We want to encourage you to read, sing and talk with kids about money while they are young.

Do it before they acquire poor personal finance habits that diminish or devastate their hopes and dreams.

As Sammy Rabbit likes to say: “You can do it. Now, get to it!”

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Lynn Demmons, Author, Host: Financial Confidence – Childhood Money Memories Interview

I realized the value of money at an early age. One day we were in the dollar store and I wanted a book. I don’t remember how much the book cost, but I asked my mom to buy the book. She told me I did not have enough money to purchase the book. I’m ashamed to say, when my mom was not looking, I put the book underneath my shirt. You live and you learn!

As we were exiting the store, I thought I was home free, until my Auntie, who was with us, started yelling, “Lynn what do you have underneath your shirt.” My mom told her to hush. Then she looked at me and asked, “what is underneath your shirt.” I pulled the book out and handed to my mom. She replied, “return that book to the cashier and apologize.” We turned to go back into the store. I met the cashier at the door and returned the book with tears in my eyes. “I’m sorry,” I said. “I really wanted the book.” A lady standing nearby heard the conversation and said, “I will pay for the book, but you must promise me that you will save the money you need to buy what you want.” I replied, “yes ma’am and thank you.”

Wayne Tilman, CRPC®, Author – Sammy Guest Blog: Your Upbringing is Important 

As a little kid, I realized early on that my life was going to be all about working. My father, Harry, was my pal and teacher, but also my biggest influence when it came to getting things done. He invented the “Just Do It” motto way before Nike used it in their commercials. 

What I learned from my father became part of how I approached almost everything I did in life. There were a few years as a teenager where procrastination in completing school assignments seemed like a great way to get out to the baseball field, but for the most part, I got down to work and got it done. 


Share with us in the comment section of this blog post on LinkedIn one of your favorite quotes on never giving up or persistence.

Here are three of ours.

“Character consists of what you do on the third and fourth tries.”
―James A. Michener, Author, Pulitzer Prize, Fiction

“No one has the power to shatter your dreams unless you give it to them.” Maeve Greyson, Author

“You just can’t beat the person who won’t give up.”
―Babe Ruth, Baseball Hall of Fame

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