Two Minute Drill. Fin Ed for Teens and College Students!

Two Minute Drill. Financial Education for Teens and College Students!

Super bowl and NFL teams are not the only ones required to execute “two minute” drills! Now, financial educators and life skills trainers will be asked to do the same. Woohoo!

We are pleased to share Sammy Rabbit’s 1st Financial Education Conference for teens and college students will apply this unique strategy to several of its breakout sessions!

Attention: Educators! Trainers! Speakers!

Are you up for the challenge? Can you do it? Can you “score” with your message in two minutes or less?

Each “Two Minute Drill” breakout session:

… will be assigned a specific question to address

… will have 3 to 5 speakers assigned to respond to the question in “two minutes”

Below, see a list of the questions currently being considered for the “Two Minute Drill” breakout sessions.

Be a Two Minute Drill Presenter

IF you would like to be a Two Minute Drill Presenter contact Sammy.

Submit a Question for Two Minute Drill

IF you would like to submit a question you would like to have addressed in one of the breakout sessions, please email it to Sammy.

Be Part of the Vision and Leadership Team

IF you would like to be part of the vision, leadership team and execution of this event, contact Sammy and/or connect on LinkedIn with Andy Niser, Sammy Teen Event Leader.

There are lots of ways to contribute, have impact, gain experience, grow your skills and get exposure. It is an excellent opportunity to showcase your talents to Sammy Rabbit’s global audience and build your network. Below see examples of how Sammy Rabbit showcases young leaders!


Take a sneak peek at this Draft Brochure. It shares an overview of our current vision for the event.

Stay tuned!

More information on the first of its kind conference to be shared soon!

If you have questions, suggestions or would like learn more about Sammy Rabbit and his mission to teach kids great money habits and other important life skills, contact us!

CLICK to contact Sammy via our website contact form; or 

email us at:


(1) What one piece of financial advice would you give your 15 year old self?

(2) What is the case or single most compelling reason for investing at 18?

(3) If you could only recommend one book on personal finance for a teen or college student to read, what would it be and why?

(5) Why should a teen have a written budget?

(6) What is the single most important career skill to for the 21st century?

(7) What are the 1, 2 or 3 most important things a teen should know about credit and why?

(8) What is 1 thing you wish you knew before going to college?

(9) Why should a teen establish a LinkedIn account and start building their network?

(10) What is your biggest financial regret and how have you learned from this mistake? | Submitted by: Sidhant Srivastava, Livingston High School, New Jersey


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