Teens Talk Money with Sammy Rabbit – Andy Niser, Chicago!

Teens Talk Money with Sammy RabbitAndy Niser, Chicago


Sammy Rabbit: Tell us a little about yourself!

Andy Niser: Hello! I’m Andy Niser, a teen leader from Downtown Chicago. I’m a high school senior at Jones College Prep in Chicago Public Schools. I love to soccer referee, code, run, and explore all around the city. 


Sammy Rabbit: Did you have and use a piggy bank, savings jar or some other vehicle to save money as a child? Share a little bit about your experience with money.

Andy: When I was younger I didn’t have a piggy bank. Instead, I deposited my money into “The Bank of Dad” in which my Dad would save my money and then together we’d keep track of the deposits and withdrawals using an excel spreadsheet. I’ve never been the biggest spender so I was a frequent visitor of “The Bank of Dad.” 

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Sammy Rabbit: Share one of your first money memories.

Andy: We have a Farmers’ Market on Saturdays across the street from our house and we go pretty frequently. One of the first times we went, we bought way too much, primarily because I thought everything looked delicious. My Mom ensured that didn’t happen the next time by only having us take a certain amount of cash and once it ran out, then it ran out. It taught me to really think about what I was purchasing and what I prioritized.


Sammy Rabbit: Do you save change? If so, where? Share a little bit about change saving habit and routine.

Andy: We have a change jar. Anytime I have spare change from purchases I put it in there, so it’s practically overflowing now after many years of use. I never realized how much money I was giving up before just because I didn’t want to lug coins around. For this reason, I prefer to use credit/debit cards or digital payments to ensure I don’t let any penny go to waste. 

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Sammy Rabbit: What is the most expensive article of clothing you’ve bought? How long did it take you to decide to make that purchase?

Andy: The most expensive article of clothing I’ve bought are my running shoes. They’re pricey, but I want to make sure my feet are well supported so I can perform at my best.


Sammy Rabbit: Have you had your first job? If so, what was/ is it?

Andy: I am a soccer referee and officiate top games of Major League Soccer Academies and travel clubs throughout the Midwest. I love the consistent analysis and problem solving that is required as part of the job. It has provided me a steady stream of income and great flexibility when it comes to scheduling games around my availability.


Sammy Rabbit: Do you save or invest money regularly? Share a little bit about your current relationship with money? For example, do you have a saving, spending or earning plan?

Andy: I save almost all the money I make besides reserving a small portion for going out with friends and gas money. I am just starting to get into the world of investment and plan on exploring those opportunities further as I make more of my own money.

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Sammy Rabbit: How would you describe your relationship with money?

Andy: Sensible. I use it to my advantage, know my limits, and spend or donate it on what I deem important or impactful.


Sammy Rabbit: If any, what has been the source of your financial education? Do you feel prepared to be financial independent with the knowledge you have currently?

Andy: Most of my financial education has been self-taught using Youtube, Google searches, and LinkedIn. Recently, I’ve furthered my financial learning using Jeddiah Collins’ Money Vehicle Course and taking a personal finance class at my school.


Sammy Rabbit: As a teen/ young adult have you found it difficult so set aside a portion of your money for savings? 

Andy: Not one bit. I’m someone who is very future oriented, so saving money to allow me to have the experiences and life I want to accomplish is easy.

Is there one tip you would give to other teen/ young adults to make their road to financial literacy easier?

Find a financial mentor. They’ll help you establish strong habits, set and reach your financial goals, and provide valuable advice to put you on a path for financial success. As a teen, if you reach out to a financial advisor or educator on LinkedIn or other platform, I guarantee they’ll respond to you and help!

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Sammy Rabbit: Are you considering attending college and if so, do you have a plan related to how to pay for it, including taking out loans and how to repay them? 

Andy: I plan to attend a four year university. I am looking for a school that is both an academic and financial fit so I don’t have to take on too much debt. If I have to take out loans, I have a plan to ensure I meet my payments on time and pay off my loans on a timeline that is realistic.


Sammy Rabbit: Where do you see yourself in 25 years? What career or type of work will you be doing? Are you married? Do you have children? Do you own a home? How much money will you have earned in that timeframe? Will you have saved, invested or donated any portion of your earnings?

Andy: As someone that takes advantage of any opportunity provided to me, I am open to any work I find exciting and am passionate about. That said, in 25 years, I hope to be an industry leader in the technological or financial sector providing valuable insights that make a tangible impact. I will be a husband and father of two awesome children living in some urban environment most likely on the East Coast. I hope to find positions that allow me to meet my financial and professional goals while also allowing me time with my family and friends. I plan on saving and investing a large chunk of the money I earn and always donate a portion of my income to causes and charities that I believe in.

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Sammy Rabbit: What or who is your favorite… 

…Ice cream flavor? Mint Chip or Peanut Butter & Chocolate

…YouTuber? Mark Rober

…Form of exercise? Running

…Food? Steak & Sushi

…Place to shop? Trader Joe’s

…Book: Making Moments Matter by Chip & Dan Heath

…Book on personal finance: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Robert Kiyosaki


Sammy Rabbit:

Do you or are you keep written track of your saving, investing, spending, giving and earnings? Yes

Do you have written goals for your money? Yes

Are you familiar with or have you heard of the rule of 72? Yes

Are you familiar with compound interest? Yes

Do you have a debit card? Yes

Do you have a credit card? No

Have you taken a class on personal finance? Yes

Have you read a book on personal finance? Yes


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Thank you Andy Niser!


Big Sammy gratitude and thankfulness to Valerie Lentine, student, John Burroughs High School, Burbank, California for collaborating with Sammy Rabbit in developing his Teen Talk questions!

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