Amy Vetrone Financial Education Leader

Riverview Elementary Students in Wisconsin Read Sammy’s Big Dream!

Amy Vetrone is a financial education leader.

She and I have never met in person. We connected on LinkedIn 5 or 6 years ago. We both share a passion for financial literacy education, especially efforts that target kids and families.

Amy teaches her son saving is a great habit. It helps make big dreams come true!

Since then we have collaborated and coordinated on a variety of projects. Amy:

… Helped catalyze the Wisconsin Bankers Foundation Sammy Rabbit Reading Raises Interest program initiated. It’s an annual statewide program that has bankers bringing financial education to elementary schools through storybooks. 

… Used Sammy Resources with her own child

… Was a Sponsor of Sammy Rabbit’s 1st National Dream Big Read and read at St. John Lutheran School in Berlin, Wisconsin. She gifted the school Sammy Big Dream storybooks. 

… And, earlier this year, she shared Sammy resources with Riverview Elementary in Wautoma, WI.

You “predicted” it! Sammy books were a big hit at Riverview, the same as they have been all over the world. Here is the note and picture Amy shared with me.

Happy 2021 to you.  I hope you are doing well.  I wanted to share this with you.  I have a teacher friend that asked me for financial curriculum ideas for her 1st graders.  I gave her Sammy Rabbit books and referred her to your website for additional resources.  She shared this picture with me.  These are students at Riverview Elementary in Wautoma, WI.  I thought you would enjoy this.  Take care!  Amy

Wisconsin Bankers Foundation Teach Kids to Save – Reading Raises Interest Initiative!

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Here are some of the key projects we are working on in 2021!

Sammy Rabbit’s Online Money School | Goal: 1 Million Enrollments

… Roll out: Co-branded Learn with Sammy Resource Hubs. See sample: Empower Yourself

… Launch Special Guest Reader Program

… Launch 1st Teen Virtual Conference (Pilot) (Draft Overview)

… Execution Select Cause Marketing Campaigns

… Awareness Raising: Championing and Cheerleading Financial Literacy, Partners and All Things Good for Kids and Families. Contact us to be featured!

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