Master Your Card – Agree or Disagree

Here is a big #Sammyriffic thank you to Mastercard for highlighting Sammy Rabbit on its employees Kids Club home page.

One financial literacy initiative Mastercard is emphasizing is aptly titled “Master Your Card.”

In this blog, we are going to review 5 of the financial education propositions and data the Mastercard initiative highlights and promotes.

We are going to ask you to share your thoughts on each. Let us know:

(1) If you agree or disagree or believe the item presented. And share why or why not.

(2) If applicable, share how you would teach the concept to kids and young people.

We’ll post this blog on LinkedIn. Record your responses and thoughts in the comment section there. We will take some of your comments and post them in a follow up to this blog, crediting you!

This is one of several strategies Sammy Rabbit is executing to catalyze conversation on personal finance; raise awareness on the importance of financial literacy; and to highlight the practices and thinking of leaders in the field. We welcome everyone to join the conversation – respectfully!

(1) Proposition – Agree or Disagree

Cards are better than cash. (Reference: Master Your Card website)

The proposition invites plenty of questions. Are cards better than cash? What are the limitations and safety challenges of using cash? Are we headed to a 90% plus “cashless society? If we become a cashless society (or close to it), will people know how to best manage their money? How do we teach kids about digital money – will it be easier or more difficult? (Below – See Related Reads)

(2) Proposition – Agree or Disagree

Providing your child or teen with a #FinancialEducation will help set them up for long-term success. (Reference: Tweet July 2020)

(3) Data – Believe It or Not

Worldwide consumer polling tells us that 7 in 10 consumers say the shift to digital payments will likely be permanent. (Reference: LinkedIn post July 2020)

(4) Proposition – Agree or Disagree

In an increasingly digital economy, #FinancialLiteracy has never been more important! (Reference: Facebook post June 2020)

(5) Proposition – Agree or Disagree

Electronic payments are a smart investment. They are more convenient, easy to use and safer than using cash or checks. (Reference: YouTube April 2017)

Be Heard!

Again, we want to encourage you to be heard. Share your thinking! Get recognized. Contribute to addressing a global challenge – financial illiteracy!

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(1) For an excellent related read, check out LinkedIn’s senior financial services editor Devin Banerjee‘s newsletter, This Week in FinanceA cashless society is nearing – Here’s what people are saying.

(2) Digital Payments: What they are, How they Work, and their Benefits and Problems

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