Sammy & Santa's Advice

Give your community the gift of financial literacy. Be part of a game changing initiative that provides families with resources during the holidays and throughout the year for as little as $2 per child. Sponsor today!

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Sammy & Santa's Advice
Dream Big Read East Los Angeles


Design an initiative that:

  • Brings people together
  • Gives everyone the opportunity and option to contribute to addressing financial illiteracy
  • Provides a common shared experience
  • Can become an annual tradition
  • Provides a platform to deliver and discuss financial education throughout the year
  • Imparts knowledge and experiences that can change the trajectory of kids, family and community lives for years to come.
Dream Big Read Wisconsin


  1. Give away 100,000 Sammy and Santa Activity Books during the holidays.
  2. Keep kids learning throughout the new year. Provide families, schools, communities financial education resources via Sponsor websites and Sammy, they can have easy access to anytime - anywhere - including at home!
  3. Raise awareness on the importance of early age, youth and family financial literacy.
  4. Recognize Sponsors and Collaborators.
  5. Have Sponsors from 100 communities across the country participate
  6. Donate 10% of revenues raised to non-profit partners across the country who focus on either children, financial literacy or literacy (reading).
Dream Big Read Wisconsin

Keys to Success

  • Be able to print Activity Books in high volume to optimize education impact and sponsor value.
  • Secure early adopters (Sponsors) of initiative
  • Have a wide and diverse set of Sponsors and Collaborators. To achieve this, we've developed Collaborator and Sponsor plans for every level - from 1 book to 100,000+!
Dream Big Read Philadelphia

Initial Planning Stategies

  1. Emulate, adapt, leverage and improve on these collaborative models to execute new initiative:
  2. Variety of levels to participate:
    • Collaborater opportunities from $25-500
    • sponsor opportunities from $1,000+
Dream Big Read Philadelphia


  • Inexpensive high quality gifts to give
  • Resources to drive traffic to your website throughout the year
  • Multiple forms of recognition determined based on your Collaboration or Sponsor level
  • Networking
  • Gratification knowing you are supporting kids, families, communities addressing financial illiteracy
Dream Big Read Philadelphia

Collaboration Opportunities

  • $25. 1 Book. Name Listed in Web Directory
  • $50. 5 Books. Name Listed in Web Directory
  • $100. 20 Books. Name Listed in Web & Activity Book Directory
  • $250. 50 Books. Name Listed in Web & Activity Book Directory + Backlink to Your Website
  • $500. 125 Books. Name Listing in Web & Activity Book Directory + Backlink to Your Website
Dream Big Read Philadelphia

Sponsor Opportunities

  • $1,500. Bronze. Level 4. Early Adopter Special for $1,000 available for a limited time.
  • $2,500. Silver. Level 3.
  • $5,000. Gold. Level 2.
  • TBD. Platinum. Level 1.
Holiday Preview


Stand out this holiday and Christmas season. Give kids a gift that shares the "ho, ho, ho" holiday spirit and imparts knowledge on giving, receiving and of course - great money habits.

Sammy and Santa's advice is jam packed with fun and financial literacy! Coloring, puzzles, crosswords, mazes and more. It's a unique and effective resource the whole family can enjoy!

PLUS, receive resources to drive traffic and keep kids and families learning all year long with Sammy's new, digital, co-branded Dream Big Financial Literacy Curriculum!

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What Kids Will Learn & You Can Talk to Them About

The song and 32 page activity book introduce and address lots of personal finance and holiday giving concepts. Here is what they cover.

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  1. Have a Plan. Have a List
  2. Giving is a great habit
  3. Good gifts don't have to cost a lot
  4. Get in the habit of saving money and your savings and giving will grow!
  5. Save to give
  6. Light up lives
  7. Be a voice that's merry and sings (Be cheerful)
  8. Budget
  9. Be precise and check your work twice
  10. Be thankful and grateful
  11. Send out thank you notes
  12. Track and measure your budget
  13. Learn lots of personal finance vocabulary
  14. The right habits grow things and make a difference
  15. Dream and do big one step at a time
  16. Make new year pledges and promises
  17. Big dreams are inspiring
  18. Make your choices count
  19. Set savings goals
  20. Plan ahead
  21. Learn Sammy Rabbit's 12 Steps for Making Big Dreams Come True
  22. Be reminded - They can do it and that they need to get to it - pursuing their dreams and goals

Inspired by the song Sammy & Santa's Advice

Sammy Rabbit strongly believes in a multi-medium approach to education and learning. So be sure and have your kids and students listen to the song Sammy and Santa'a Advice. It inspired the activity book. It's FREE. It's catchy. And, its filled with joy and merriment!

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Sammy & Santa's Advice cover Description
  • Format: Activity Book. Paper back. Saddle stitch. Color Cover. Black & White inside
  • 32 pages retail version. Custom and collaborative edition may contain 28 to 31 pages of activities.
  • Level: Age 6 and Up

Early Adopter Sponsor Special $1,000

Expires 6.30.20


  • 500 special edition Sammy & Santa Activity Books
  • Right to purchase additional books for $1.75 ea. Includes shipping. See Note 1
  • Recognition in Sponsor Directory in back of book in all books printed. See Notes 2 & 3
  • Recognition in Sponsor Web Directory & Back Link on See Note 4
  • Co-branded Dream Big Financial Literacy Digital Curriculum to FUN UP your website. See Note 5
  • Social media banner recognition to be posted in Sammy Rabbit social media channels. See Note 6

Notes - Sponsor Details

  • Price includes shipping. Additional books must be ordered prior to print - September 1, 2020
  • See page 31 - Sponsor Directory - of sample book specimen for treatment. Listing based on Sponsor Level. Listing in alphabetical order based on last name. Listing in Black & White. Text only. Listing includes: Your name, web URL, city, and state.
  • A minimum of 25,000 books will be printed.
  • Sponsor Web Directory Listing. Order determined by Sponsor Level. Listing in alphabetical order based on last name. Listing includes: name, city, state, web URL hyperlink. Treatment will be same or similar to National Dream Big Read
  • Click HERE to see curriculum. You will receive co-branded curriculum by 11.1.20. See Back Inside Cover (page 35) of sample book specimen. For those of you who already own the curriculum, you'll be provided additional physical activity books to give away.
  • Click HERE to see sample specimen of Social Media banner. Banner to be posted in Sammy Rabbit social media channels on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.
  • See Inside Cover (page 2) of sample book specimen for treatment. Name, logo, URL "in color."
  • See page 34 of sample book specimen for treatment. Ad in black and white.
  • See page 32 of sample book specimen for treatment. Ad in black and white.
  • Sponsors decide who to give their activity books to. Suggestions include: colleagues, clients, schools, afterschool programs, community agencies, non-profits, youth clubs and organizations (Boys & Girls Clubs, YMCA, 4H, Girl Scouts, Boys Scouts), faith-based organizations, foster-care,.etc. Give special consideration to children from low income families or who may be disadvantaged in some other respect.

Schedule Notes

  • June to September 30: Get Sponsors
  • October: Print and deliver books to Sponsors
  • September & October: Deliver co-branded Dream Big Financial Education Resources (Curriculum) to Sponsors
  • September & thereafter: Sponsors post co-branded Dream Big Financial Education Resources (Curriculum) on their websites
  • November through April 21: Conduct online awareness campaign

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