News Anchor Inspires Kids to Make Habits of Reading and Saving Money

Chelsea Helm reads Sammy's Big Dream

If you want to make big dreams or any dreams come true, then you better have great work habits and give your best – consistently.

FOX24 News Anchor and Producer, Chelsea Helms gets it. She has been working hard and working her way up the ladder from dream to bigger dream, step by step from the start.

On February 28, Helms shared her beliefs in giving your best efforts and giving back by  

leading a Dream Big Read Financial Education Experience at Jones Elementary School in Springdale, Arkansas.

There, Helms treated students to an enthusiastic reading of Sammy’s Big Dream! The story book follows Sammy Rabbit’s journey and the choices he makes to achieve one of his big dreams, riding the world first outer space roller coaster.

The goals were to encourage students to build healthy financial habits at a young age and send them a message that they have the ability make their dreams come true just like Helms. 

Helms guest reading appearance was part of a week-long America Saves celebration organized by Economics Arkansas in collaboration with children’s character and financial literacy champion Sammy Rabbit.

The theme for the week in Arkansas was: Let’s read. Let’s save. Let’s make them habits. Today!

The Mission 
Have one million kids own, read and experience a Sammy’s Big Dream Book by the end of 2020! We want kids to develop great money habits at an early age so they can have better and brighter futures! 

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