Police Officer Reads and Dreams Big with Elementary Students

Officer Tommy Norman reads Sammy's Big Dream

Thomas Norman’s lifelong dream – be a police officer!

As often is the case, when you find your dream in life and follow it, you thrive. That is certainly true for Officer Norman. He is known nationally with over a million followers on Facebook and 1.2 million followers on Instagram for his “positive policing” that takes root in community service.

On February 27, Officer Norman was up to his good tricks again, investing in the community, leading a Dream Big Read Financial Education Experience at Crestwood Elementary School in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

The reading experience was part of a statewide initiative designed by Economics Arkansas, a leading champion of financial literacy. 

One of the initiative’s chief purposes was to inspire kids dreams and encourage them to make habits of saving money and reading.

The initiative also brought Sammy Rabbit story books to every elementary school library in the state and raised awareness throughout the nation on the need and importance of early age financial education.

The Mission 
Have one million kids own, read and experience a Sammy’s Big Dream Book by the end of 2020! We want kids to develop great money habits at an early age so they can have better and brighter futures! 

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