Fun Reading Strategy

If you want kids to have a blast reading and learning about big dreams and great money habits, then have them read to each other. It is called “paired” or “partner” reading.

This video of former educator and community leader Ms. Rosa Overstreet demonstrates the concept. She has Malabar Elementary School second graders reading Sammy’s Big Dream in pairs. As you can see from the expressions on the students faces they are having a great time. You will notice they are fully engaged.

The strategy gives kids an opportunity to be more active in the learning process and work on their fluency skills. Fluency is the ability to read with speed, accuracy and proper expression. To comprehend what they read, kids need to be able to read fluently when they read silently or aloud.

When kids have finished reading the story, you might continue to engage them as paired teams or individually. One way to do this would be to ask a few questions about the story. This will help them further reflect on what they have learned. Here are a few examples of questions you might ask.

  1. How did saving money help Sammy to make his big dream come true?
  2. What types of jobs do you imagine Sammy performed to earn money?
  3. Name one or more actions Sammy took that helped him make his big dream come true? For example:
    • Did Sammy have a plan and a goal?
    • Did Sammy work hard?
    • Did Sammy stay focused and concentrate on achieving his goal?
  4. One of Sammy’s Big Dreams was to ride the world’s first outer space roller coaster. What is one of your big dreams?
  5. Are you willing to work hard and save money to make your big dream come true?

Have fun with a purpose. Inspire big dreams. Instill great money habits. Have impact. Sammy Rabbit says: “You can do it. Now, get to it!”



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This is one in a series of financial literacy education videos and blogs from Sam X Renick and Sammy Rabbit intended for parents, teachers, and community leaders on how to teach groups of kids about a variety of basic money concepts.

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