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Sam X Renick accepts award

Sam and Sammy

When it comes to kids and money, Sam and Sammy are the ‘real deal! Their experience in the trenches is unparalleled. They have led financial education programs with over a quarter of a million children in 8 countries and nearly 40 states. Their innovative thinking and strategies have not only earned them numerous awards, they have helped garner awards for several other individuals and enterprises who have emulated their work

Sheryl Garrett, CFP®, Author

This morning my six year old (daughter) and I listened to the songs together and she started singing along. She’s a great judge! She also demanded one screen print off the sample so she could color it.

Paul Merriman, Columnist Market Watch

Johnny (Paul’s grandson) is obsessed with those CDs now. We’ve had to listen to them at every waking moment…

J. Money, Personal Finance Blogger

…And not only that, but he has a Budget Rap! So naturally I was impressed from the get go. So much so that I’m now going to copy and paste the lyrics to this budgeting greatness

Janet Bodnar, Editor, Kiplinger

Renick can whip a gym full of elementary-school kids into a frenzy of enthusiasm for saving money minutes after bounding into the room

Liz Weston, Personal Finance Columnist, Author

Seconds after the music started … my two-year-old(daughter) and I were bopping away to the beat; since then, I’ve been known to play the thing when she isn’t even in the car.

Gerri Detweiler, Personal Finance Columnist, Author, The Ultimate Credit Handbook

Detweiler, who describes this as one of the great financial education programs for kids…says that after listening to Sammy, the rabbit with great habits, her daughter adopted a totally different attitude about money and became more of a saver, practically overnight.

Sam X Renick accepts award

Awards and Honors

2016 NFEC Instructor of the Year
2015 NJCFE Muriel F. Siebert Lifetime Achievement Award
2011 | 2008 Repeat EIFLE Winner (Excellence in Financial Literacy Education)
2009 LMU Entrepreneur Wall of Honor Sam X Renick
2007 California Jumpstart Coalition Leaders in Personal Financial Literacy

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Sam X Renick accepts award