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Sammy's Big Dream! Set
Sammy's Big Dream! Set
Ages 7+

Sammy’s Big Dream is a catalyst for conversation. It is intended to ignite kids’ imaginations, inspire their dreams, and make it easy to talk to and teach them about the great money habits and life skills that will position them for lifelong success. The story can be used to spark discussion and learning on at least 16 different topics!

  1. Saving money. Saving is a great habit!

  2. Earning money

  3. Work hard. Give effort. Nothing’s free. Opportunity cost

  4. Preparation

  5. Big dreams and goal setting

  6. Spending smart

  7. Giving

  8. Measure your progress

  9. Money advice

  10. Thinking and planning

  11. Determination. Grit. Don’t give up too easily

  12. Self-confidence. “You can do it!”

  13. Collaboration and team work

  14. Responsibility. Self-leadership

  15. Great habits are powerful

  16. Make your choices count

Saving money. Saving is a great habit!

Saving pays off. Make saving a habit starting today! The sooner you start saving the sooner you will reach your goal. The sooner you start saving the more time and opportunity you give your money to grow and compound.

Earning money

Earning money gives us more freedom, independence, and choices. Earning money helps make dreams come true. Earning money is fun to do. Earning money requires effort, energy, and time.

Work hard. Give effort. Nothing’s free. Opportunity cost

Hard work and effort pay off. It helps make dreams come true. Hard work prepares us to get what we want and need. Hard work helps distinguish us. It helps gets us ahead. Pursuing one opportunity requires us to sacrifice other opportunities.

Big Dreams and Goal Setting

Big dreams can motivate and inspire action. Big Dreams can help us discover who we are and what we are capable of accomplishing.

Set Goals

Goals give dreams definition and timelines. They help organize and prioritize our time.

Thinking and Planning

Having a written plan and strategy makes it easier to achieve dreams and goals. It also makes it easier for others to assist you.

Spending Smart

Making good money choices helps us get what we want.

Give your all enthusiastically!

Putting forth our best effort and working hard can make us successful.


Determination, grit, and not quitting too easily are qualities that help us overcome obstacles and have more success.

Self-Confidence. “You can do it!”

Believe in yourself. Have confidence. Remember, “you can do it!”


Opportunity is fleeting. Being prepared pays off. Preparation allows you to overcome obstacles and allows you to take advantage of opportunities.

Measure Your Progress

Measure your progress. We have a better chance to get what we want when we keep track of where we’re at and where we’re going. It is something Sammy forgot to do.

Money Advice

Get advice on money and other important choices from the right people.

Collaboration and Team Work

Learning to collaborate and work as a team has advantages.


It is a great habit.

Responsibility. Self-Leadership

Take responsibility for managing our feelings and behavior. Show your family the way. Lead by example.

Great Habits are Powerful

Habits are powerful. Habits do not discriminate and their outcomes are predictable. If you get in the habit of exercising, you can predict your health will improve. If you get in the habit of reading, you can predict your knowledge will grow. If you get in the habit of saving money, you can predict your freedom will grow and your security will increase.

Make Your Choices Count

Whether small or big, our choices make a difference. Basic economics reveals the fewer resources one has the more important it is to make good choices with them. Small choices made repeatedly over time can have large consequences.