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Saving and Earning Money Intro

Age Level
  • 7+
  • Habits ,
  • Saving ,
  • Earning
  • Comprehension ,
  • Discussion ,
  • Reading ,
  • Thinking ,
  • Vocabulary
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This reading, discussion, and activities experience teaches kids that the habits of saving and earning help make big dreams come true.

Featured Resource:

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What Kids Will Discover and Learn About:

  • Discover some of the habits – "great habits" – that help make dreams come true

Key Habits:

Earning money, saving money

Other Habits:

Having a plan, setting goals, working hard – giving your best efforts – not giving up to easily, spending smart – making good money choices, giving and helping others, a “you can do it” attitude and spirit


  1. Review previous experience(s)

  2. Read the story book Sammy's Big Dream!

  3. Discuss story

  4. Do song activity

  5. Have learners share

  6. Assign post-experience activities.

Introduce topic.

Feel free to use or adapt this introduction. Or create your own introduction.

Today we are going to read a story titled Sammy’s Big Dream!

I like this story. I think you will too.

Why do I like the story? Several reasons.

I especially like the story because it inspired me to think. It inspired me to ask myself some important questions about dreams and money habits.

I’ll share the questions I asked myself at the end of the story. And, I will ask you to share your thoughts and feelings on the story as well.

So, let’s get to it. Everyone repeat the title out loud after me: Sammy’s Big Dream!

Perfect. Here we go, Chapter 1. 

Read the story book, Sammy's Big Dream!

If you don't have the book, you can use the online version.

Discuss the story.

Use Story Review #1 to lead discussion with learners. Have learners respond to one, some, or all the questions based on your discretion.

Do activities.

Have learners share.

Ask learners to raise their hands if they would like to share out loud their solutions to Story Ideas #s 1-4.

After the answers are revealed, instructor will share out loud the answer and all learners will repeat.

Assign post-experience activities.

Activities can be homework or classwork.

Introduce learners to the Money School and show them where they can find post-experience activities. Have learners complete one, some, or all of the following activities:

Have learners “deposit” all activities into the “Sammy’s Big Dream” section of the Dream Big Journal.