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Have a Written Plan

Age Level
  • 7+
  • Habits ,
  • Planning
  • Comprehension ,
  • Discussion ,
  • Reading ,
  • Thinking ,
  • Vocabulary
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The music, reading, and activity experience teaches kids to have written plan. It will help them achieve their dreams and make better money choices.

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What Kids Will Discover and Learn About:

  • It is important and a great habit to have a written plan.

  • Having a written plan gives us a better chance to achieve our dreams.

  • Having a written plan helps us to make better money choices.

  • It is important to act on and work our plans.


  1. Review previous experience(s)

  2. Learners share Dream Big Journal deposits.

  3. Introduce topic.

  4. Read Sammy's Big Dream - Pages 3 and 11

  5. Read lyrics, listen and sing song “Plan”

  6. Do song activities

  7. Have learners share

  8. Assign post-experience activities

Review previous experience(s).

Review points of your choosing from previous experience(s). Refer to menu, topic subheading, for main idea of experience. Refer to “What Kids Will Discover” Section of each experience if you want ideas on additional key points to review.

Learners share Dream Big Journal deposits.

Ask learners to raise their hand if they would like to share one of the activities they completed during the last experience or in between experiences. Allocate 2-5 minutes to this activity OR whatever time you deem appropriate.

Introduce topic.

Feel free to use or adapt this introduction. Or create your own introduction.

Today we are going to listen to the song "Plan" as well as discuss and do activities that share some of the key reasons why it is important to have written plans and why having written plans to achieve our dreams and goals is a great habit.

So let's get to it!

Read and review Sammy's Big Dream

Either you or have a learner read page 3 and 11 of Sammy’s Big Dream. Then ask learners:

  • “Do you think having a plan gives you a better chance of making a big dream come true?”

  • “When something changes, is it smart to adjust your plans?” 

Read lyrics, listen, and sing song "Plan"

See lyric sheet. Read lyrics to the song "Plan." Instructor will read lyrics out loud, line by line. Have learners repeat out loud the following lines from the lyrics:

  1. I like to think 'n plan

  2. I like to dream 'n plan

  3. I set my goals, then I think and work my plan

  4. I like to work my plan

Next, play, listen, and/or sing the song. At instructor's option, learners should clap or move during the song. See song.

Do song activities

Have learners share

Ask learners to raise their hands if they would like to share out loud their solutions.

After the answers are revealed, instructor will share out loud the answer and all learners will repeat.

Assign post-experience activities

Activities can be homework or classwork.

Introduce learners to the Money School and show them where they can find post-experience activities. Have learners complete one, some, or all of the following activities:

Have learners “deposit” all activities into the “Plan” section of the Dream Big Journal.