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Start Saving For College: Establish a Plan That is Right for You and Your Future!

by Team Sammy

Saving For College

Are you saving for college? Have you prioritized college as an item in your budget? If you have, congratulations! If you have not, you may want to strongly consider doing so today!

Going to college may sound like a great idea until you see the price tag. Most universities and schools of higher education cost thousands and thousands of dollars. Community colleges are less expensive, but will still take a bite out of the average family or student's budget.

While student loans may be an option or required for many in order to achieve a major life goal, it is prudent to keep borrowing and future debt to a minimum.  

As of right now, student loans make up 11 percent of the U.S. debt. They surpass auto loans and credit card debt. ASTOUNDING!

This statistic really hits home when you personally know young people and families whose are buried in student debt.

There are alternatives to loading up on student debt and having to pay it back with interest for years after graduation.

To achieve this objective establishing a plan that is right for is critical.

Do your research. Talk to multiple advisors. Pick the right college. Apply for scholarships. Consider working part-time. And, one of the best steps you can take today is to work hard to build your savings for college. Deposit and contribute as much as you can each month so you are able to foot as much of the bill yourself as possible. Not only will paying your tuition with your hard-earned money feel great, but you may value your experience in school that much more. And, you will be able to sleep better at night knowing your freedom and dreams have not been derailed by debt!

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