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Recipe for Effective and Infectious Financial Education

by Team Sammy

Give your kids and students a great financial education. Give them the best. As Sammy Rabbit says, "You can do it, now get to it!" Here is the recipe.

The Recipe

  • Start early
  • Deliver messages repeatedly
  • Use multiple methods for delivering messages
  • Shape feelings as well as thinking
  • Deliver knowledge and joy. Have fun with a purpose
  • Make it easy for everyone to get involved: kids, parents, educators, community leaders
  • Last but not least, leverage Sammy Rabbit and his unique "head, heart and hug" financial education resources, programs, and strategies.

Dream Big

You want kids to dream big. You want them to back those dreams up with goals, plans and step-by-step action. Dreams give kids and everyone direction and purpose. They give us something to aim for. Having an aim and purpose drives behavior. Dreams require energy an effort. Big dreams call on us for even more energy and effort. They stretch us. They help us discover who we are. They motivate us to develop skills, resilience, and resourcefulness. Big dreams also grow competence, confidence and esteem. Those qualities transform lives. Those are some of the reasons why dreaming big is important. And, those are some of the lessons kids will learn in Sammy's Big Dream!

The Best Two and One Half Minutes of Financial Literacy Education

If you know of a better, more infectious two and one half minutes of financial education than the song 'Get in the Habit', use it! Otherwise, leverage Get in the Habit.' It is proven. It provides predictable results. It is jam packed with knowledge and joy. Here are the lyrics.

Get in the habit, like Sammy Rabbit
Saving money all the time
You can do it, now let's get to
From every dollar, save a dime

It ain't funny when you got no money
So do yourself a favor, be like Sammy the Saver

You'll feel fine, saving one dime at a time
Now say whoa, whoa, whoa
You can watch your money grow and grow and grow

Come and clap your hands, say you understand
Now say whoa, whoa, whoa
You can watch your money grow and grow and grow

There are several things that are important about the song.

One, it is fun. The song brings joy to financial responsibility. It is a lot easier to do difficult things like delay gratification, when you enjoy the process

Two, the lyrics give educators two ways to stress the habit of saving money: (1) Get in the habit like Sammy Rabbit saving money all the time; and (2) From every dollar, save a dime

Three, the lyrics share two powerful and motivating reasons why the habit of saving is vital: (1) Getting your money to grow and (2) The risk and danger of not having savings - "it ain't funny when you got no money"

Four, the song instills confidence and builds esteem with its call to action, "You can do it, now get to it!"

You will find free resources and activities at the to build on the song's lessons.

Sammy's 20 Favorite Money Messages

  1. Saving is a great habit - reference: Sammy's Big Dream (story and activity book)
  2. From every dollar save a dime - reference: Get in the Habit (song)
  3. Saving makes me strong! - reference: S.A.V.E (song)
  4. Make saving a habit, make it automatic - reference: S.A.V.E. (song)
  5. Dream big. Do big, one step at a time - reference: Sammy's Slogans (activity book)
  6. Money likes to grow and grow and grow - saving and interest make it so - reference: Ben Franklin Says So (song)
  7. Set goals - reference: Sammy's Slogans (activity book)
  8. Have a written plan - reference: Plan (song)
  9. Make your choices count - reference: Make Your Choices Count (song)
  10. There is a difference between wants and needs - reference: Wants and Needs (song)
  11. Anyone can be rich - reference: Anyone Can Be Rich (song)
  12. Anyone can be rich - reference: Anyone Can Be Rich (song)
  13. Earning money is fun to do - reference:Lemonade Stand (song)
  14. No free rides - reference: No Free Rides song)
  15. Show your family the way - reference: Show My Family the Way (song)
  16. Spend slow. Spend smart - reference: Sammy's Slogans (activity book)
  17. Don't spend more than you make - reference: Don't spend more than you make (song)
  18. Give wisely. Give joyfully - reference: Sammy's Slogans (activity book)
  19. Change adds up - reference: Change Adds Up (song)
  20. Always be learning. The more you learn, the more you earn - reference: Sammy's Slogans (activity book)
  21. You can do it, now get to it - reference: Get in the Habit (song)