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Media Appearances by Sam X Renick

by Team Sammy

Media Appearances by Sam X Renick

Ever since being featured in Kiplinger Magazine in 2003, financial education leader and pioneer Sam X Renick has been a sought after guest and media interview for his engaging and expert approach to teaching kids about money.

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Below is a list and links to several of Sam X Renick podcast and media appearances.

Armed Forces Network

In this interview with Armed Forces Network, Sam shares information on how the Air Force Aid Society is helping Air Force families across the world improve their financial literacy and capability habits and skills.

In the News

Go Banking Rates: What to Teach Your Kids About Money at Every Age 

Forbes: Teach Your Kids Good Money Habits

Go Banking Rates: Top Financial Habits to Pass Along to Your Kids 

NASDAQ (Go Banking Rates): 7 Things Today's Kids Really Need to Know About Money

Financial Advisor Magazine: Tis the Season: Teach Kids to Create a Plan... 

KPCC (NPR): Sammy Rabbit Says to Students Start Saving

Experian: Money Lessons to Teach Your Kids

Men's Health: Make Counting Pennies Fun

Forbes: 69 Ways to be a Better Social Entrepreneur

The Money Fit Podcast with Todd Christensen

In this financial idea-packed episode, Todd Christensen and Sam X Renick discuss financial education starting with children as young as 3 years old. 

Whether you’re living what you preach or not, Sam says, never let advertisers be the principal financial teachers of your children.  

The podcast episode is titled: Money Habits Parents Can Help Their Young Child Build!

MoneyDad Podcast with Justin Chung

Justin and Sam X Renick talk about what inspired Sam to start getting the message out to begin teaching kids when they are young - very young - about great money habits; why and how Sam created the character Sammy Rabbit to be a platform for this message; and some tips parents, teachers and community leaders can use to talk to and teach kids about money.

The podcast episode is titled: Teach Your Kids Great Money Habits

Finance First Podcast with Chris Mouzon and Derrick Wesley

On this episode of Finance First, Sam X Renick joins Chris Mouzon and Derrick Wesley to discuss Financial Education for Kids and how Sammy Rabbit makes it easy for anyone to talk to and teach kids about money and habits.

The podcast episode is titled: Prioritizing Financial Education for Kids!

WBOC 16 News Maryland

In this news segment titled "Learning Matters," Sam shares how the University of Maryland and Sammy Rabbit are collaborating to bring early age financial literacy programs and resources to underserved communities in Maryland.

The Tony Steuer Podcast

In this episode Sam X Renick discusses the importance of financial literacy. Sam talks about how financial service professionals and companies can be be active in promoting financial literacy.

The podcast episode is titled: Get Ready with Sam Renick - It's Never Too Early for Financial Education

The Life Changes Show with Filippo Voltaggio

In this episode Sam X Renick talks with Filippo Voltaggio, Mark Laisure and Dorothy Lee Donahue about his journey as youth financial educator.

This episode is titled: Teaching Kids Good Money Habits

The Kaleb Paddock Show with Kaleb Paddock, CFP®

Kaleb and Sam X Renick discuss why it's important to teach kids about money at early ages and how to do it.

This episode is titled: Teaching Children Money: An Interview Sam Renick, creator of Sammy Rabbit

Rhodes to Wealth Podcast with Joshua Rhodes

Joshua and Sam X Renick talk about Sam's 20+ year journey as a financial educator and entrepreneur.

The podcast episode is titled: Financial Education for Children

How You Money Podcast with Michael Damazo

In this episode Sam X Renick talks with U.S. Navy Petty Officer First Class Michael Damazo about Sammy Rabbit's efforts teaching great money habits to kids.

The podcast episode is titled: Sammy Rabbit Creator Teaching Financial Literacy to Kids

Teaching Kids Stocks - Piggy Banks to Wall Street Podcast with J. J. Wenrich

In this episode Sam X Renick shares his inspiration for creating Sammy Rabbit as well as advice for how to teach kids about money and his opinion on the current state of youth financial education in America.

The podcast episode is titled: Episode 1- Sam Renick, Youth Financial Education Advocate and Author

Tip Jar Podcast with Josh Fontanilla and Anthony Ng - San Jose State University

In this episode of Tip Jar Sam X Renick talks financial literacy education, kids and money, entrepreneurship and more with San Jose State University students and Tip Jar program hosts Josh Fontanilla and Anthony Ng.

The podcast episode is titled: Sam X Renick of Sammy Rabbit - Leverage Your Curiosity

Wine and Dime Podcast with Amy Irvine

In this episode of Wine and Dime, host Amy Irvine talks with Sam X Renick about a topic they are both very passionate about -  Financial Education for children!

The podcast episode is titled: Financial Education for Kids with Sammy Rabbit

Art of Allowance Podcast with John Lanza

In this episode and Sam X Renick and John Lanza discuss their respective journeys bringing early age financial education to kids and parents around the globe..

The podcast episode is titled: An Early Savings Habit Leads to More Money-Smart Skills with Financial Education Pioneer Sam X Renick

Shape Your Finances Radio Show with Lionel Shipman

In this episode Sam X Renick and show host Lionel Shipman celebrate and discuss April being financial literacy month.

The podcast episode is titled: Financial Literacy For Children

FinFluential Podcast with Markose Chenthitta

In this episode Sam X Renick and Marcus Monero discuss financial education and how parents can take simple steps to begin teaching their children to establish great money habits today.

The podcast episode is titled: Giant Leap For Financial Education With My Special Guest Sam X Renick aka Sammy Rabbit - Financial Education, Money Habits & Critical Thinking

Military Money Podcast with Lacey Langford

In this episode of the Military Money Podcast Sam X Renick and Lacey Langford discuss how to educate children about money and the importance of sharing the lesson of financial responsibility with them.

The podcast episode is titled: Money Lessons for Kids

My College Corner Podcast with John Hupalo

In this episode John Hupalo and Sam X Renick discuss how helping students dream big to reach their goals is something Renick achieves everyday through his work with "Sammy The Rabbit."

Sam also shares his excitement for America Saves Week 2018 and how #ASW18 can encourage students and families to strive towards great money saving habits.

The podcast episode is titled: Sam Renick encourages parents and kids to "Dream Big" for America Saves Week!

Centsable Chat Podcast with Bobbi Olson

In this episode Bobbi Olson and Sam X Renick discuss some of Sammy Rabbit's core and key teachings like: "Saving is a great habit;" "Earning money is fun to do;" "Spend smart;" "Show your family the way and lead the by example;" etc.

The podcast episode is titled: Sammy Rabbit's Money Habits

Abound Credit Union Annual Members Meeting

In this presentation Sam X Renick shares with Abound Credit Union members the state of youth financial literacy; tips on how to teach kids great money habits; and some of the changes in the culture the last 5 decades that make it more and less challenging for parents to raise financially savvy kids.

Presentation to Rotary

In this keynote presentation Sam X Renick shares with Rotary members why it is critical for community leaders to champion financial literacy education if we are going to help better prepare kids and teens to better capable of creating more financial security, freedom and wellness in their lives.

Sampling of Columns Authored by Sam

Various For: GoBankingRates | Advisorpedia | Centsai

Mastercard - Master Your Card: Talk to Your Kids About Personal Finance

Sallie Mae - Smarty Pig: Tips on Teaching Kids Great Money Habits

Centsai: Cure for Financial Illiteracy Exists, But It's Not Easy

Humble Dollar: Raising Them Right

Humble Dollar: How to Keep All Your Life's Earnings

Humble Dollar: Tick, Tock, Take Stock Why You Should Teach Your Kids About Finances

MyPerfectAdvisor: Kids and Money Start at Three

Credit Union Times. 5 Tips to Bring Financial Education to Kids

My Fit Money. 3 Simple Steps Any Parent Can Take to Give Kids a Financial Role Model Worth Imitating

Consumer and Finance Journalist Bog, Rita.R. Robison: 7 Tips on How to Teach Kids About Money

Kids in the House. 6 Tips to Help Parents Raise Money-Smart Kids

Macaroni Kid. The Most Essential Skill Parents Need to Teach Kids...

FeedingMyKid. How to Teach Kids to be Money Wise at a Young Age

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