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Join SmartyPig & Sammy Rabbit Teach Your Kids Great Money Habits!

by Team Sammy

I'm delighted to share that Sammy Rabbit and SmartyPig by Sallie Mae are working together to bring parents, teachers and community leaders lots of free and Sammyriffic resources that make it fun and easy to talk to and teach kids great money habits.


This blog hosted by SmartyPig and titled "Sammy Rabbit creator Shares Expert Tips on Teaching Kids Great Money Habits with SmartyPig" is one of the resources.

Click link above.

Take a read. Discover the 5 critical things to know when it comes to teaching kids about money.

Find out what parents should teach young kids about money.

Get 6 Sammy Rabbit "Gold Karat" Tips on how to teach kids about money and more!

Click for Free Sammy & SmartyPig Coloring Activity Sheets!


A second set of parenting and teaching tools Sammy Rabbit, SmartyPig and Sallie Mae are making available and accessible to families and schools are:

(a) Four coloring sheets that share the following money messages:

..... Saving is a great habit!

..... Saving makes dreams happen

.... SmartyPig says set saving goals! Are you setting savings goals? Sammy is!

... SmartyPig says have a plan! Stay on track. Reach your goals.

(b) Parent Tips: How to Teach Kids Great Money Habits!

CLICK HERE or image immediately above or below to download resources.

Click to Locate and Download Parent Tips Guide!


Check out this short, 60 second, Instagram Reels video that shares the single most important personal finance habit to teach a child to set them up for a lifetime of money success.

For a quick teaching tip, check out this Instagram Reels video.
It’s Sammyriffic!


Adult money habits and attitudes are set by age 7!

Having kids get in the habit of saving money will:

--- help them learn to delay gratification

--- help them learn to set goals

--- build their confidence and esteem!

These are a few of the reasons Sammy Rabbit and SmartyPig agree:

"Saving is a great habit. It helps make dreams happen!"

Take one action today!
Have your kids or students color a free Sammy Rabbit SmartyPig coloring activity!

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If you would like learn more about the Sammy Rabbit SmartyPig collaboration or have questions or suggestions on teaching kids about money and other important life skills, contact us!

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Woohoo. Way to go SmartyPig - Sallie Mae!
Thank you for your leadership advancing kids financial literacy & capability!

Let’s collaborate on 1 financial literacy education project!
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