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Why You Are Going to Share this Blog

by Team Sammy

Kids at Malabar Elementary School in East Los Angeles receive copies of Sammy's Big Dream

Kids at Malabar Elementary School in East Los Angeles receive copies of Sammy's Big Dream

This is an important blog.

Why? Simple. You can not "fake" the analysis provided in the blog by CFP and mother of two elementary age children Abby Kovach.

I was introduced to Abby online by Sheryl Garrett, founder of the Garrett Planning Network. Abby lives in the greater Denver Colorado area and operates her financial practice there.

In her blog, Abby makes a profound correlation between Charles DuHigg's best selling book, 'The Power of Habit' and 'Sammy's Big Dream' that demonstrates her in depth knowledge of both strategic resources.

Because of this, her assessment of 'Sammy's Big Dream' is crucial for parents to be aware of, particularly those who want to get their children on the path to self-sufficiency and independence. Grandparents, teachers and community leaders must know about the book and other low cost and free Sammy's resources as well.

They just might make the difference between a lifetime of debt and the stress that comes with it or freedom and the opportunity to pursue ones dreams.

As Cambridge University research confirms, habits form very early in life, possibly as early as age seven when it comes to money habits. This means 'Sammy's Big Dream' targets kids at the perfect time, while there is still an opportunity to shape their thinking, feelings, attitudes and habits toward money.

Great habits give all kids a better and brighter future

Habits can be game changers and transform lives. This is an idea Sammy Rabbit believes wholeheartedly, which is why he stresses habits in his storybooks, songs, activities and experiences. He has done that since his birth in 2001.

Read the blog. Draw your own conclusions.

And take action. Understanding exercise is important to good health is not the same as exercising or sharing an excellent location with a person to walk or inviting them to walk.

So, share this blog. Download a FREE resource. Purchase a resource. And/or contact me if you have questions on how to get kids started with Sammy Rabbit's Dream Big Financial Education and Reading program.

Additionally, you will also enjoy these interviews and insights from Sheryl Garrett on college saving and Sammy Rabbit's '3H' approach to financial education - 'Head, Heart, and Hug.'

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Thank you. Have a Sammyriffic day!

Krista Cavalieri, CFP® on Good Day Columbus